David Lee

Dear CrossFit Threshold,
        After hearing about how intense CrossFit is, I was absolutely certain that I would not try it. I’m not a fit person nor did I care about being fit. I’m an academic person and that’s just who I am, why try to be something I’m not? I can live life, be successful and pass away without ever being fit as long as I am good at what I do. I just came to the gym to stretch my legs, do a few bench presses and take a break from my 12 hour sedentary marathons.
        That fateful day when Tony convinced me to try “Donkey Kong” is still hazy in my mind. I vaguely remember Tony ushering me in the door, showing me something and then everything goes black. I still to this day do not remember how or why I went in that room. My memory comes back at the point where I passed out on a bench, threw up in a garbage can and laid there helplessly as I suffered cramps in various places. I was later told by Chris that people in the gym pointed and asked if I needed an ambulance. No, I was sure that the CrossFit workout was the inner rings of hell in an earthly disguise.
        That was a month ago. Today I am writing about how CrossFit workout is the highest echelon of Heaven in an earthly disguise. CrossFit has irreversibly changed my life. Through CrossFit, I have been able to discover my boundaries and to push past them every time. Each workout is like a new challenge, a new game to push past obstacles that cripple my body. I have gotten in significantly good shape and the rigorous regimen has had a significant impact on my diet. I eat healthier, I breathe healthier and I live healthier.
        But what stands out more than anything else in my short time here is the community that supported me through every burpee, pull-up or squat. I have never had this kind of support in my life. In 4th grade, when I joined a soccer club, my coaches only put me in when we were losing by double digits. In 10th grade, when I was testing for my red belt, I spinning-hook kicked the wooden board for fifteen minutes while all the parents sat mouths agape. My foot was bleeding so my sabonim gave up on me and smashed the board against my foot as I was spinning for the 100th time.
        My friends, coaches and family have always told me to give up. They never believed I could be athletic and always advised me to do something else. Chris and Elisha did not give up when they realized how weak I was. Instead, they pushed me harder than anyone there. What seemed impossible now became possible. For instance, I once expected to run 400 meters and pass out, but with Hans barking ahead of me, I was able to somehow run 2 miles.
        In this way, I was led to believe that boundaries were meant to be constantly broken. I will now study harder, research and prepare harder because I know that applying the same threshold shattering concepts I learnt here to my professional life will have immense ramifications. I want to thank you for making me healthier, I want to thank you for believing in me, and I want to thank you, CrossFit Threshold, for showing me that thresholds are meant to be broken.
-David Lee
P.S. – You know that Timberlake/Madonna song that you guys always play during our WODs? It came on my iPod while in the library and my body tensed up and my heart rate went up. I’ve been forever conditioned to physically react to that song.
P.P.S. – I will never date anyone named Helen or Fran.

Thor Gould

Dear Crossfit Threshold,
Before I came to CF Threshold, I had dabbled a little in Crossfit. Being in the military I had heard about it and done a few work outs but going to CF Threshold was the first time I had been to a Crossfit gym and it was the best thing I did during my vacation at home in Miami. The staff are awesome people and extremely knowledgeable. They push everyone to keep improving, while the clients are Crossfit addicts that help gut out that last thruster or pull up. The grueling work outs test your mental toughness just as much as your physical toughness but with the staff and your friends around you Fran, Linda, Griff and the others can’t hold you down.

I thought I was in shape before coming here but I quickly realized I could improve and even in 2 weeks I felt like I was on the right track. Working out here was the perfect base for the Navy training I start soon and I can’t thank you enough for it. I can’t wait to come back.

Thor Gould

P.S. I wish you were around when I actually lived in Miami.

Drew Reitz

Chris, Elisha, and Tony,
I first attended CrossFit Threshold in mid-may of 2009. I’m in the military and was temporarily stationed in Florida for a few months. I had been CrossFitting for approximately one year when I first walked through the doors of Threshold and needed a good gym to workout at for the duration of my stay. Instead, I found a great gym that I hated leaving when the time came. I quickly became friends with both instructors and other members of the gym. There was the camaraderie of friendly competition that can only be found inside a CrossFit box. I found the instructors not only friendly and eager to teach, but extremely knowledgeable in their field with some impressive backgrounds, of which the WOD’s accurately reflected. I enjoyed the training to such a degree that I would drive 30 minutes one way to attend this gym 5-6 times a week, and had no complaints, it was worth every minute.

I greatly enjoyed the numerous competitions and special events that where hosted by Threshold and other gyms in the Miami area. While I had been doing CrossFit on my own for quite some time prior, I had never participated in such events and it was a great experience. I was in decent physical condition prior to attending the gym, yet during my time at Threshold, I saw major improvements in my fitness level all around and set numerous PR’s. My technique improved greatly on many exercises, such as butterfly pull-ups and Olympic lifts, due to solid coaching and helpful tips from the instructors. My only regret is that I couldn’t stay longer, and train in the new box. I have attended several CrossFit gyms as a regular, for certifications and just as a drop in, but Threshold was by far my favorite. To Tony, Chris and Elisha, I wish you the best of luck and to the future of CrossFit Threshold. I know your gym will prosper.


Colin Crane

Colin’s blog:
Death by Burpee

For Time; 50 (20lb) wall ball shots & 50 (1.5 pood) kettle bell swings
35 wall ball shots & 35 swings
20 shots & 20 swings
My time- 18:26

Today I had the pleasure of going to CrossFit Threshold in Kendall. Wow!! What an amazing experience it was. First of all when I called this morning to get some info on poss. getting to do a WOD with them, I spoke with Chris Holt the co-owner and director of their box. Super friendly and told me to come on down. Nice set-up, very clean and wide open. The WOD was the kind I hate to see cause it forces me to work on my weaknesses, wall ball and kettle bell swings. So I was happy to go and get my butt kicked. Chris also helped me work on my double unders, something I’ve vowed to perfect and haven’t yet. I had such an awesome time there and was invited back anytime. What they are doing there is why I have fallen in love with the sport, brutal WOD’s, family and team atmosphere, and just a whole lot of fun….. I will be back there at least one more time this week. And anytime I’m back in Homestead this will be my box of choice.

Skill Building 2
Bryan Goldsmith

I got into CrossFit right after coming out of the Fire Academy. I started by pulling bits and pieces of it off the main site, but never really grasped the full concept of it until I was fully introduced to it at during a free trial session. Well just like crack heads always say, “first ones free, then yer hooked” – I was hooked! This was exactly what I was looking for. The constant variation and intensity of the workouts, was OUSTANDING. And the 150% dedication of Threshold’s crew –Chris, Lish, and Tony (Albert, and Annika too)—was the icing on the cake. These guys coached me, and everyone else that comes into their box, with full-blown intensity and enthusiasm. They are constantly helping us improve our skills, attitudes towards the workouts, and even with our nutrition. In addition to the physical aspect of it all, mentally I felt stronger. I had more confidence in my overall physical abilities as well.

But it wouldn’t be fair of me to give all credit to just the trainers. The people in this box are great. No other gym I have ever been a part of and had a bond with them like this. No matter what level of fitness, everyone encourages, cheers on and just all around has a good time with everyone else. Basically it is a community, everyone helps everyone out.

Ever since I graduated the Fire Academy I have been searching for work in the fire service. Just recently I took the Physical Ability Test for the City of Miami’s dept. of Fire Rescue, and smoked it. The training crossfit prescribes, combined with the coaching provided by Chris, Lish and Tony, at Threshold, prepared me to become successful in all events of the test, and any other task that may come my way in the future. THANK YOU GUYS VERY MUCH – AND EVERYONE ELSE AT THRESHOLD


CrossFit Koolaid drinkin Internet stalker!

Sabrina Abislaiman

CrossFit Threshold, how did I ever live without you?

About three months ago I walked through Threshold’s doors, uncertain of what I was about to get myself into. 11 minutes & 58 seconds later, the torture of “Donkey Kong” was over, and CrossFit had made its first impression on me. Needless to say, even though I couldn’t walk for three days, I was hooked!
I quickly became a part of the Threshold family and day after day the results I was seeing were/are more than with any other workout regime I have attempted. At 26 years of age, I am in the best shape of my life! To put it simply, the proof is in the results-I have consecutive kipping pull ups! (& that’s just one of the many accomplishments!)
Thanks to Chris, Lish & Tony for creating more than just another CF box. Thanks for creating a community where camaraderie, perseverance, intensity, acceptance, support and organized chaos come together to form a second home for those of us who are lucky enough to be a part of it. I’m one of those lucky ones, are you?


(Daniel in New Zealand)
Daniel Susskind

CrossFit Threshold,
I started CrossFit in April 2008, and rather than embrace CFT’s opening that summer I held the belief that group classes weren’t for me. I enjoyed doing the workouts by myself or with a few friends and I figured group workouts would just be a hassle. One year later, for the summer of 2009, I decided to give it a shot and came in one day to check it out. As soon as I entered the room I knew I had been changed. What I saw was twenty-something people doing CrossFit. Twenty-something people running, jumping, pushing, sweating, screaming, cheering. Twenty-something people who were part of a community that I had never sensed before. A community full of so many great trainers and members. A community full of passion and friendship. Athletes on the main site had always mentioned how strong this bond was in an affiliate, and I now truly understood it. I immediately joined for the remainder of my time in Miami, and over the next two months I grew stronger and faster while meeting some amazing people. Chris, Elisha, and Tony continually poured their hearts into the gym, and my fellow members were motivating and supportive. Being away from the gym now, I realize that this is what I miss the most. A community struggling alongside you, pushing you forward. Pushing you forward to grab those last few reps, those last hundred meters. Nothing can compare to that feeling when you walk inside the room. Both from the great members and the awesome trainers. Chris, Elisha, and Tony impressed me both as teachers and as athletes. Along with putting up some unbelievable times and numbers it was evident that they truly love what they do, whether it be teaching someone a new movement or coaching someone to put up more weight. So to everyone at CFT I say thank you. Thank you for an awesome summer full of blood, sweat, and maybe a few tears. I’m looking forward to seeing you all again in a few months.

Ryan Andrada

I have been a smoker and heavy drinker for the past 10 years. Over the years I’ve convinced myself that I didn’t have a problem as long as I could maintain basic activities of daily living. It wasn’t until I joined Crossfit Threshold that reality hit me hard.

I had difficulty breathing, palpitations, and severe headaches while working out lately. I had to seek professional help and underwent an MRI to check the severity of my migraines while working out. Fortunately, my smoking and drinking has not severely or permanently effected my well being and it has given me an opportunity to change my life around.

It has been extremely difficult for me to control my drinking and stop smoking cold turkey. Being in the military I am constantly surrounded by peers and co-workers that constantly smoke and excessively drink and I have regrettably placed myself in numerous situations that discredited my character.

Crossfit Threshold has been very beneficial to me in many ways. It has given me the support to maintain a healthy lifestyle and motivation and determination to end my habits of smoking and drinking. I want to surround myself with positive and driven individuals. I am truly honored to be a part of Crossfit Threshold.

Fight For Everything
Ryan Andrada

Tony Gomez

Before Crossfit…
In the time before Crossfit, you make your way to the cookie cutter gyms that have spread across our country. You walk into one on the east coast and it looks just like one on the west coast. Funny too is that the people look the same. That may benefit some folks…give you a sense of security and familiarity with your environment. I believe this leads to monotonous workouts and a general lack of fitness.

The Revelation…
Talking with a friend at work about trying to break through training/fitness plateaus, he mentions www.crossfit.com. Looking for anything that would change things up and get me to my next level, I log on and began reading. I started with the videos…WOW!! What the heck is a thruster? Once I saw it, I wanted to do it. What is a burpee?…I don’t know but I am sure I will like it. The research continued in the FAQ section…from the basics of what is a WOD to the infamous “Girls” & “Heroes.” I finally gathered up the courage to walk into the cookie cutter gym and attempt a WOD. Once I finished one, I could not wait to do another…and another and so on. After approximately 6 months of mixing WODs into my routine, I realized that I needed help with my form on so many exercises and the only way to get better was to seek out help.

I made my way to the affiliate blog and looked for boxes in my area. One day after a physical fitness test for work, with a sore back, I made my way to CFT. As I was looking for the address, I see a girl (Lish) in the street squatting on a medicine ball and then I see her take off running…I thought to myself, yep, that is a WOD alright. I walk into the gym and the first thing I saw was an old school version of the cookie cutter gym and thought, I am in the wrong place…I was directed towards the back to a rickety old door. I remember walking in and feeling the raw energy of the space. After talking with Chris and Lish I could tell that they were well educated, inspired and extremely enthusiastic about Crossfit. I could see that they had a vision of what CFT was going to become.

The Crossfit Threshold Experience…
Once I joined, I met the third member of the coaching tri-fecta, Tony. His warm ups are true to the crossfit motto…Our warm ups are your workouts. My first few months were just a blur of learning techniques and pushing myself beyond points I thought were not possible before. Now that I have been part of the CFT family for almost a year, my fitness level has increased dramatically and most of all, the do not quit attitude has assisted me at work and home.

Chris, Tony and Lish are always trying to improve their clients’ performance via exercise techniques, learning new skills and the promotion of good nutrition. They are always willing to listen to all our questions, no matter what. The webpage/blogs are constantly updated with WOD results, pictures, videos and general knowledge tools.

Little by little, more and more members have begun to show up for elements and then WODs. The CFT family is constantly growing! My wife joined the CFT family and I am hopeful that some day my two children will also be Crossfitters!
Chris, Tony and Lish have continued to pursue their vision which is demonstrated in the awesome new box we have moved into. They have constantly shown me the right way to approach/execute the exercises and WODs. They say actions speak louder than words, well at CFT that is right on point.
Congratulations and continued success not only to Chris, Tony & Lish, but to all the Crossfitters at CFT who forge elite fitness everyday!


Gary Ehrlich

Y’know, I believe October is my one year anniversary with Crossfit and this is way overdue.

I was sitting in one of Tony’s Taekwondo classes watching my son and seeing other people coming in and out sweaty, out of breath, but doing something about getting in shape. I had been thinking about looking into the Crossfit classes since they had put a sign up in the room and had even mentioned it to my wife and sure enough, that day Tony comes up to me and asks me to come try it. So I do.

Saturday comes, I come in, hear about the classes from Chris, do Donkey Kong, and thought a train ran over me. It took me an hour AFTER I got home to recuperate. My wife commented that I didn’t look too good. However (and luckily), my competitive nature took over and I wasn’t going to let one day beat me, so I came in for Elements and started. I couldn’t do a pull up on my own, couldn’t run for crap, no dips and absolutely no stamina. I started coming in hardcore in January for the workouts and stuck to the diet.

I am so glad I did and have Chris, Tony and Lish to thank for it. They helped me in every way possible, from the diet, to the workouts, to the motivation. I don’t think I could have gotten over the hump without them. I’m 51 and feel like I’m in better shape now than when I wrestled in high school. I definitely feel like I’ve gotten back at least 10 years of my life. I’ve been on Lipitor since I was 40 and, as of September, per doctor’s orders, I’m off of it. Unbelievable!

I look forward to coming in as much as I can to the classes. There’s just nothing like the feeling afterwards, accomplishing something every time that a year ago I would have watched and gone “You’ve GOT to be kidding!” Even when I travel I either make up my own WOD, do a gymless or hopefully can do the Threshold WOD. I can’t say enough about the whole Crossfit family. Everybody WANTS to be there and is so supportive of each other. Aside from my family (who puts up with my “eating habits” and my wife who does all the cooking and makes bland taste good) I’ve never been associated with a group like this. Thank you all!

Gary Ehrlich

Jessica Maitre

I cheated on my ice cream with CrossFit.

I fell in love with CrossFit Threshold because it has the allure that other heavily electronic and mirrored gyms lack. Here, results are ensured, as well as the support and team spirit that are so thick, you could wipe them off the walls. I was asked to attend CrossFit from a family friend, who, over 50 years of age, has stronger triceps and core than ever. This was enticing in and of itself, despite our age difference.

At CrossFit Threshold, there are as many young children and mothers, as there are competitive athletes and military personnel. Here, bodies thrive to their best potential, despite any prior athletic experience or body type. Who wouldn’t want this??? After the addictive energy that Chris, Tony, and Elisha spat at me within my first 30 minute session, I was hooked. Within a month, I was able to lose serious lbs, all the while discovering that abs aren’t a figment of imagination! 🙂

CrossFit Threshold was a home that truly encouraged personal growth for a lifetime, not simply to get a membership fee. The weekly inquiries by Chris about our eating habits slowly crept into my head each time I went grocery shopping, so my diet evolved as well. Because of Threshold’s team, and the other Crossfitters, I have such a developed sense of self and fitness. If anyone ever wanted to have a healthier outlook on life while firmly bonding to those around, then CrossFit Threshold’s it.

Thank you so much for showing me that I can ALWAYS do it!!!

Grace and Chris Van-Niel

You know the saying, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink it” well this applies to Chris, my husband of seven wonderful years. We were high school sweethearts, he played water polo and I ran track and cross country. Over the past ten years I have been pretty active, but Chris was preoccupied with his rigorous school and work schedule. He was a Navy Corpsman embedded with the Marines in Camp Lejeune. He went to Iraq and was pretty much in shape while he was active duty in the military. As he concluded his 5 year term and attended school full-time, he started to focus more on the books and neglected physical fitness. For the past 3 years, I had tried numerous times, begging him to join me in my spinning classes, bike rides and long distance runs, he always gave an excuse. Then one day, to my dismay he agreed to join my gym. I was ecstatic; but he only went once to swim in the highly chlorinated pool. After several monthly fees, he told me to cancel him. I was distraught and gave up on encouraging him to start an active life style.
As some of you may know, Maria (future Mrs. Holt) is one my dearest friends since high school, she had been raving about CrossFit and how great it is. I was not convinced, until one day we did a workout with Chris Holt., at one of our friend’s destination weddings. I could not walk for three days!!! I realized then that a 30 minute CrossFit workout was equivalent to a 3 hour workout at the gym! I was hooked!!! Chris, on the other hand needed several weeks of convincing. Finally, he agreed to give “Donkey Kong” a try. He heaved and heaved and grew pale…then he was hooked.
Chris has changed in so many ways, he changed his eating habits and so did I. We use to eat pastas, rice and bread; those are now rarely seen except on a cheat meal! We love the variation and the challenges in the WODs. I guess you can say we, “drank the kool aid”, because one of us checks the WOD after midnight before going to sleep. We are both more active and in shape. He is happier and healthier. Thanks to Chris H., Elisha and Tony for leading Chris to the “water”, he is now “drinking from it”. We are thankful to CrossFit Threshold and all its members for their support and family like environment. I guess I am most thankful to CrossFit for giving me a healthy life partner.

P.S. Yes, we do argue during TEAM WODs, but we make-up afterwards:0)

Doug Lowell

Chris, Lish and Tony

One of the reasons I started cross fit (besides attempting to keep up with Roe) was that when I played in an alumni lacrosse in Dec 2008 I practically puked and my lungs burned so bad I could barely move around the field to help the team. In addition, after the 2008 game all I could do was lay on a couch for a few hours

This year was a different story — even though I am the oldest (by 18 years) alumni playing I was able to set up some plays, had an assist and scored a goal. Big diefference!! Felt real good.

Also, Pete doing great with Lax – Only kid that can do a real push up

Thanks Crossfit Threshhold

Trying to keep up with the home WODS

After Lax season me and Pete will be back.

Thanks again

Doug Lowell

Jennifer Mesa McKeown

Hi Chris! Below please find the testimonial I promised to write. I don’t know that anything I write can truly express the impact you’ve had on our lives.

‘In 2004 I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease known as Ulcerative Colitis. This is a condition where immune system attacks the digestive tract causing bleeding ulcers.
Most patients with UC accomplish this and live a normal life taking a daily immune suppressant drug. This wasn’t my case.

Throughout the many years of treatment I was told changing my diet and/or lifestyle would not make a difference, this disease requires prescription medication to be controlled. After many week-long hospital stays and failed attempts with traditional treatments I was forced with the choice of having my large intestine surgically removed or weekly injections in the stomach of an experimental drug which were painful and expensive: $600 a month. Expense and discomfort aside, it’s better than losing a major organ.

In October 2009 another relapse; apparently the drug’s efficacy was wearing off. Again, doctor’s only responded by trying high doses of traditional medications. At this point I was convinced nothing would control the disease, it would control my life.
A few months later, my husband convinced me to try a free Crossfit class with him. Inspired by reading Chris’ story, we gave it a try and learned a lot about how to effectively physically challenge ourselves and how what we thought were healthy eating habits were actually working against our bodies. We immediately began following a Paleo diet. That was 9 weeks ago; I haven’t taken my medication since then and have never felt better. Also, in that time I’ve gone from a size 10 dress size to a size 6…that’s what I call a value added benefit!

This summer promises to be the best we’ve had in 6 years: we see an outdoor Jacuzzi in our near future thanks to the monthly savings and me in a bikini for the first time since High School!’

Jennifer Mesa McKeown
Director, Marketing Strategy and Analytics | Direct Services, Inc.
10390 USA Today Way | Miramar, Fl 33025

Chris Hoang – “Chino”

Dear CrossFit Threshold,

As you guys know I’m leaving to the Marines tomorrow morning. I’m getting nervous as the time draws closer and closer. I’ve been doing CrossFit ever since you guys allowed me to become an intern. Since then I’ve been motivated to try my best to compete on the same level as you guys. Whenever I come in, I look at the infamous board and try to beat your times. Though I never get close I feel proud that I completed each WOD. I remember my first kipping pull-up with Tony. My first squat clean with Elisha and my favorite of all….Muscle Ups with Chris. Boy was I happy when I first did it. When I think of CrossFit, I think of my first WOD which was FIGHT GONE BAD!!! That was the beginning of everything. CrossFit has benefited me in so many ways, especially when I had my first experience with a Marine Drill Instructor. He was making everyone drop to the floor and stand up constantly, the first thing that was in my head was Burpees. CrossFit was the best way for me to prepare myself for boot camp. I know for a fact that by the time September comes I will graduate basic training because the help all of you have given me. I promise that when I come back I will visit everyone in my uniform. As I go through boot camp, I’m going to use the will to continue and fight till the very end just as I would do in every workout. I want to thank all of you for helping me prepare for these 5 years yet to come. I’m glad I was part of the Threshold Family!!!

Semper Fi

P.S. Chris: Asian Sensation ( when I get back I will get FRAN under 5 minutes)
Elisha: Sorry for always being late to work J

Alex Gamble

Hey Team Threshold!
I just wanted to drop a note of gratitude for welcoming me into your Box this week. Your trainers, Rey, Adriana, and Greg made me feel really welcome and comfortable while pushing my comfort level, as well as your members who are definitely pushing hard and enjoying every painful rep together. It’s great to see how far the strength and friendship of the XFit community extends!
I hope you had a wonderful holiday season, got untrapped from the weather and back to health from the illness (as the case may be) and back to your kick-ass box in beautiful Miami.
If you guys or anybody from out this way has the misfortune of having to come out toward our icy neck of the woods anytime soon, be sure to come get warmed up at CrossFit Epic. I’m sure Jason and everybody up there would be glad to have you.
Never Stop,
Alex Gamble

Darrien Staples

January 22, 2011
Crossfit Threshold
Dear Crossfit Threshold,

Besides wanting to get in shape for the Army I was getting fed up with the conventional means of working out. I’ve always been into athletics and working out. I played baseball, football, and ran track. After I stopped playing baseball in 2006 I really started hitting the weights and bulked up to almost 210 pounds. Struggling to run one mile, along with the daily two-hour gym workouts of chest, back, biceps and triceps I started looking for something new. I looked into circuit workouts and that worked for about two months but then that got boring as well. I was back in the gym doing the same boring workouts.
The first person to turn me on to CrossFit was another future soldier Joe Cornley. We talked about CrossFit for all of five minutes before I was sold. I believe that same day Joe talked Chris and we set up my elements class. I knew coming into my first workout that CrossFit would be hard but that was a huge understatement. “Fran” was one of the most intense workouts that I’ve been through in years. Ever since that first day I’ve been addicted. The first couple of weeks were hell on earth but I kept on coming back because I was addicted. Despite it being the worst WOD’s since I’ve been at CrossFit, the 100 thrusters with five burpees at the top of every minute was the best workouts ever. The short period that I have been CrossFittng has made a tremendous impact on my life. After about eight months I have lost about twenty pounds and I can easily run six to seven miles with my weight vest. I was even running two miles to and from the gym every other day. My body fat has also went from13% to 5% while sticking to the paleo-diet Not only am I ready for the Army, I have pushed my body to its limits and beyond. I will always be grateful to Chris, Elisha, Tony, Rey, and Adriana for the motivation, intensity and hard work they bring to the gym everyday. I hope the gym continues to grow and I can’t wait to see everyone when I come home in April (hopefully). CrossFit will be apart of my life forever….

Doing work,
Darrien Staples

Robert Prentice
February 3rd, 2011

Crossfit Threshold! What can I say – it has become a real family affair for us and the benefits are fantastic. An integral part of our daily lives.

It all began back at the start of the Summer break of 2010. I had said to my 14 year old son Byron, that I did not want him sitting around the entire Summer break eating junk food and playing computer games and insisted that he get involved in some kind of physical activity on a regular basis. A friend of Byron’s had been attending classes at Crossfit Threshold along with his mom and dad, so we decided to go along and see what this ‘crossfit stuff’ was all about.

We arrived halfway through a 6:30 class one evening, that was being given by Chris Holt. We watched a group of folks who, to an unenlightened ‘old codger’ like myself, looked like they were all trying to ‘kill’ themselves. I immediately said to my son, ‘this is just what you need to whip you into shape’. (Now you need to understand my concerns here!! Byron was a 14 year old kid, just a hair short of 6 ft. and closing in on 200 lbs. at an alarming rate! He was also not actively involved in regular sport at the time.)

We introduced ourselves to Chris after the class was over and whilst Byron was looking around, I discussed my concerns with regard to my son and tried to explain what I was looking for. I was very impressed with Chris’ receptiveness and professional response to my questions. He explained the principles and process involved in Crossfit and assured me that he could ‘deliver’! ( This was beginning to look like I might just have found a solution – this fellow seemed to know what he was talking about!!)

Needless to say, we persuaded Byron to attend the elements classes and got him started ‘on the road to physical recovery’. Initially we had to ‘push & shove’ to get Byron to attend classes – bit of a mission. It was about this time that the rest of the story began to unfold.

About a month after Byron had started, my wife decided to try this ‘Crossfit’ thing out, primarily as an incentive to keep my son going. The next thing I knew, I had two of my family members ‘on my back’ nagging me to get involved in Crossfit and in a short while was myself a victim of the elements class. (Could not walk for a week!)

To be honest, I really did need to get started in some regular physical activity. (The elements class proved that!) Whilst not excessively overweight by American standards, my level of fitness had declined quite significantly since moving to the USA from South Africa some years back. The South African lifestyle is generally an active outdoor one and living at the coast, we were always on the beaches, involved in all of the water sports – scuba diving, windsurfing, water skiing, surf lifesaving, etc. I competed in 4 day canoe and surf-ski marathons, cycling marathons and other crazy endurance events on a fairly regular basis as well. We never had to concern ourselves with weight or fitness issues.

I was unfortunately involved in a helicopter accident which put me out of action for close on a year. Whilst not suffering any permanent damage, the injuries to my back resulted in me being unable to walk at all for about four months and then another four to five months before I could walk without the aid of walking sticks etc. The accident set me back physically and it was a long slow climb back to being relatively active again, but never to the same level as I had been before the accident. ( Where was Crossfit when I needed it?!)

Long story, but now six months later, there are four of us attending classes at Crossfit Threshold – my wife, my son, my eldest daughter and myself. The benefits have been amazing. I have lost 30 pounds, adhering strictly to the Paleo diet – am almost at the same weight that I was when I was in college; my blood pressure is way down; cholesterol within limits; a lot fitter than I was when I started – still a long way to go before I can challenge the likes of Chris, Tony, Lish, Rey, Adri and the rest of the ‘strongmen & women’ crossfitters. (Hey, there is no harm in setting your goals high is there!?!!) My son has lost weight, is a lot fitter and is gaining strength every week. I am no longer able to keep up with him. He watches what he eats, has gained in self confidence and is generally a lot happier with himself. For political reasons, I am not at liberty to disclose statistics regarding my wife and daughter, for fear of major retribution. Needless to say, they have both lost weight, gained in strength and have benefitted greatly from attending classes at Crossfit Threshold.

In closing, all I can say is that if there is anyone out there who is at all hesitant at ‘taking the plunge’ and getting started – just do it – you will be amazed at the benefits. At 57 years of age, I can definitely vouch for that!

A sincere thank you to Chris, Lish, Tony, Rey and Adri for all of their enthusiasm, professionalism, patience, encouragement, guidance, persistence and everything else that they do that makes Crossfit Threshold the great place that is.


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  5. Gary is my cousin and I am SOOO proud of him! I’m a yoga instructor here in the Atlanta area and may be bringing yoga to my local Crossfit gym…I may just have to add it to my current routine. Yoga is awesome and I am in great shape, and it sounds like Crossfit may be just the right compliment to my already healthy lifestyle!

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  7. look at all these testimonials….nice!




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