FRIDAY – 110121

For time.

150 Burpees
must complete 5 Wall Ball Shots on the minute every minute until burpees are complete. Start the workout with 5 Wall ball shots.

Post time to comments.

Ryan visiting CrossFit Oahu. Ryan’s been stranded out there for a couple weeks now due to flight delays….tough life. 🙂

Tony and Darcy are hitting up as many CF boxes as possible. Here they are at CrossFit Denver the 41st Affiliate.


5 Responses to “”

  1. AMRAP 20 minutes
    5 push ups
    10 supermans
    15 sit ups

  2. Yeah burpees?

  3. Lol… that’s right Eric… yay burpees!!!

  4. Yay Burpees! 🙂 Yay tapering!

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