WEDNESDAY – 110112

5 Rounds for time.

Run 800 meters
30 Push ups
1 Rope Climb (Rx- w/feet Rx+ legless) – sub for 10 pull ups

Post time to comments.

Nutrition Prep Day with the Chans: Part 1

(courtesy of The CrossFit Journal)


8 Responses to “”

  1. Man this workout looks awesome!!! I’m on a bus to the airport and I’m pretty sure my phone is going to get taken away soon but I wanted to say thank you and good bye to everyone before I drop off the earth for about a year. Threshold you are awesome and I’ll missed getting yelled with instead of getting yelled at.


  2. Joe–

    It’s been awesome training with you brother! Go get it done son! I know you’re prepared for anything.

  3. Jorge Proenza Says:

    great workout today finished 42:05

  4. Joe,good luck with everything and make sure you come see us when you’re in town!

  5. Hooah!!!! Go show them how it’s done!!!!
    Thanks for stepping up to the plate to keep us here at home safe.
    See ya when you come home for leave.

    Chris over and out…..

  6. Best of luck Joe, keep in touch when you can.

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