SUNDAY – 100919

“Holt’s Surprise”
(Teams of 2)

1 minute max reps Burpees (2 working at a time)
2 minutes max reps Med Ball Cleans (20/14) (1 working at a time)
4 minutes max reps Box Jumps (24/20) (1 working at a time)
8 minutes max reps Double Unders (1 working at a time)
12 minutes max 200 meter sprints (1 working at a time)

Post totals to comments.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Zach and Daniella were featured on the CrossFit Affiliate website two days ago!

Brandon’s a natural.


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  1. Lol. Congrats Zach and Daniela. Great PR. Just one suggestion… Okay to use your fiancee as weight for Turkish GU… Not thst you have done this BUT I would advise against calling her “your little dumbbell”. I’m just sayin’…. Lol! Now THAT would be a cool wedding picture!

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