FRIDAY – 100702

10 Rounds for time.

Run 100 meters (50m and back)
come in and hold plank position for 1 minute (each athlete must watch clock) Tally a round after the completion of each plank hold. If you drop from plank before 1 minute is up you accumulate 5 burpees each time which must be completed at the end of the 10 sprints and holds. If you drop from plank just reset in plank to finish the 1 minute but remember to tally burpees. Keep track by tallying in your books. Time stops when you complete all 10 sprints and all 10 1 minute holds along with any burpees you may accumulate.

Post time (and burpees if you accumulated any) to comments.

Look at the new addition at Jane Gold’s House!



6 Responses to “”

  1. Sabrina Says:

    Morning WOD

    Mow lawn
    Rake grass
    Pick up grass piles


  2. You could have come to my house and done 2 rounds.

  3. Chris cool WOD! Don’t think Im gonna be able to make it in today but I wanna do it on my own in orlando. the 1 min is cumulative plank hold or just a limit. For instance you drop for a 10 second rest on the plank, you go to 1:00 or 1:10?

  4. If you cut it more often you won’t have piles to rake or jump in

  5. Adri, great job with the 5:30 class!

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