MONDAY – 100607

For time.

Run 5k (6 big laps starting at stop sign finishing in gym)

Post time to comments. If you can’t run, row 5k.

TEAM WOD – 100606


4:30PM/5:30PM/6:30PM/7:30PM CLASS


11 Responses to “”

  1. antonygraf Says:

    chris just keeps getting better and better …its crazy

  2. Gail Graf Says:

    Love love loved it !!!! You guys all rock…

  3. Tony G. Says:

    Chris…awesome video.

    Alex/Gary…way to run like the wind this morning…did your feet ever hit the ground?

  4. Great video, Chris! What song is that? I love it.

  5. Lisa G. Says:

    The video is awesome Chris. Great Job! =)

  6. Love the video Chris! One of these days, we’re going to have to get a babysitter on a Sunday morning so we can do one of these team WODs 🙂

  7. Sick video…great WOD!

  8. Chris V Says:

    Anyone knows how to make the vid work on Iphone?
    I’m at work and I am dying to see the vid.

  9. Great job Chris!

  10. Manuela Says:

    Awesome video Chris!

    Gary…the song is Waca Waca by Shakira…the official World Cup song.

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