MONDAY – 100524

100 Thrusters for time (95/65)

Perform 5 Burpees on the minute.

Post time to comments.


Sunday YOGA! Totally awesome!


4:30PM/5:30PM/6:30PM/7:30PM CLASS


19 Responses to “”

  1. Great thing ive been resting my shoulder to get back to this week. 100 thrusters! wtf

  2. Damn! Don’t know why I had to look at the WOD early in the morning but now I get to be nervous the whole day. Kalsu, one of the most brutal WODs I’ve ever attempted (DNFed half way through last time after my strategy broke down). This one will definitely challenge your mental toughness.

    For those of you not familiar, check out the thread below.

  3. This one DESTROYED me this morning.

  4. How’d you break them up? 95 or 135?

    • 95. first set was 20 then after that 5s, 3s, whatever I could do. I hit a wall nasty. Think there was one or two mins I didnt even get one. It was pretty ugly

    • Saw Bryan’s time… Did not see the comments today… Tried Rxd for 15 reps which was three rounds because someone (ahem) had us start with burpees (evil). Scaled to 75 for sets of 5ish then crashed. Ended up scaling on time… Burpee (24-25sec) -rest (10-15 sec) 5 thruster, minute rest. Last set, 10 thrusters. I think this was the most mentally difficult workout I have done here yet…wanted to quit at least 3 times

  5. Buck furpees! I wanted to DNF after the first 30… Hang in there it will eventually end.

  6. Oh and I think Jeff just came up with the next Threshold Shirts
    “BUCK FURPEES!” Perfect!

    • Wish I could take credit for that one but I saw it on a shirt as well… although I would definitely buy a Threshold one with the slogan… 🙂

  7. that’s a GREAT idea for a tshirt!!!! Going to make it happen!

  8. Jessica C Says:

    ….o0o0o0o…. ill buy that shirt in a second!!

  9. Don’t have much to compare it to, but this was a nightmare. Not fun when 5 burpees are taking almost 40 seconds…

  10. Tony G. Says:

    Missed ya’ll this morning…had to be in Plantation early…no way to make the 6 am. Seeing as ya’ll suffered so much with this WOD I decided to do Saturdays which I gathered to be pretty brutal also…Just finished it in the midday sun…

    2 Rounds
    Run 1 mile
    150 Double Unders


  11. Brutal, brutal, brutal… makes me really appreciate Fran. Greg… there are no words to express my feelings 😛

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