TUESDAY – 100413

5 Rounds for time.

5 Burpees
7 Chest-to-Bar Pull ups
9 2fer1 Wall Ball Shots (20/14)
20 Double Unders (or 80 singles)

Scale load for Wall Ball Shot if necessary. Post time to comments.

10AM classes are in full swing (no pun intended)

Tony G (rxd): 10:40
Bryan (rxd): 14:12
Darrien (rxd): 14:18
Malia (R): 17:11
Kenneth (G/8/S): 17:45
Fernando (B/12): 14:26
Edwin (G/12): 16:55
Armando (rxd): 18:00
Klinker (P): 17:05
Jordan (reg. PUs): 14:40
Scott (rxd): 18:29
Marianne (reg. PUs): 12:42
Janae (G/8): 18:48
Tim (S): 23:58
Chris V (rxd): 22:26
Jen R (G/10): 18:58
Joe (rxd): 17:20
Darrell (reg. PUs): 17:09
Bennett (P): 17:50
Greg S (rxd): 22:01
Holt (rxd): 8:06
Graf (rxd): 7:56
Farrah (G): 17:18
Susie (G/sub/S): 17:42
Stephanie (12/P/R): 18:18
Tipton (B/12): 17:18
Irma (P): 22:06
Silvia (sub/10/G/Box): 20:54
Adrian (rxd): 13:33
Manuela (B/8/S): 20:06
Karen (B/sub/S): 17:46
Fernando (rxd): 15:59
Erica (B/8/s): 15:38
Chris M (S): 23:08
Heather (S): 14:09
Jeff (rxd): 24:24
Toi (rxd): 27:40
Lauren (R): 16:09
Amy (R): 20:50
Greg H (rxd): 13:21
Mike O (reg. pullups): 17:59
Gina (P/12/S): 14:46
Lead (P/sub14/S): 23:12
Tracey (G/sub12/S): 21:38
Analise (P/S): 15:44
Clay (B/12): 20:12
Ana-Maria (P/10): 21:04
Maria (rxd): 14:22
James (P): 20:36
Chanel (G/sub14/S): 20:12
Jio (14): 16:10
Dawn (G/12): 19:39
Maynor (rxd): 15:03
Ariel (P/S): 19:03
Sue (B/14): 18:23
Douglas (P/12): 24:38
Lina (G/10): 17:00
Tatiana (modified): 25:23
Vanessa (rxd): 13:17
Grace (rxd): 15:47
Lauren M (B/10/S): 14:17
Jackie (B/10/S): 14:18
Doug (P/S): 15:45
Sophia (B/sub10/S): 17:10
Carolina (sub8/ring/S): 16:45
Georgette (G/R/sub10/S): 19:02
Mike (rxd): 13:59
Julie (B/12/S): 20:27


8 Responses to “”

  1. Sorry I missed today, guys. Too many days straight, I’m toast. What the heck is a 2fer1 wall ball?

    • Oh just when you thought wall balls were already tons of fun. Add a “quick” extra squat in before the ball comes back down.

  2. 2fer1= 5 rds of 9 small whiplash accidents.

  3. ohhhh…more of the good stuff Bryan….extra squats! Yippy can’t wait!

  4. this was my first crossfit workout so i modified it based on what i had….5 burpees, 7 pullups, 9 safety squat bar squats, 80 single jumps….my total time was 12:40 because I really sucked at pullups…next time I would either add reps or weight to my squats and attempt the double jumps

  5. Hi, My name is Jeff and I am an addict… (or an idiot… or both)…

    1 mi, 5 min rest, 800m, 3min rest 400m : 9:11(pr by 1:32), 4:39, 2:07
    rest 10min then
    Annie: 13:28

    Then 4pm WOD… “Hey! Why isn’t my heart rate coming down?” lol! See ya’ll sometime next week when I can move again. OH! Almost forgot, almost got knocked out by first 2for1 wall ball. A word to the wise, if you see the 20# wall ball coming down and your face going up, make sure that they are not on intersecting paths.

  6. BTW, for you other crazies out there with calluses or rips, I highly recommend this…

    looks a little crazy BUT it seems to make a significant difference. Do NOT hold the dremel in one place as friction sucks. Works on the little calluses on the fingers also.

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