TUESDAY – 100309

4 Rounds for time.

50 Double Unders
25 KB Swings (55/35)
Run 100 meters (50 meters down and back)

Post time to comments.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The 2010 CrossFit Games Florida Sectionals will be held at BGI Fitness (South location) this Saturday and Sunday. If you’d like to come support the competitors that will be throwing down this weekend (Rey, Zach, Maria, Sabrina, Adriana, Albert, Greg S, Ryan, and myself) it’s $25 for each day. Opening ceremonies start at 8am on Saturday and last WOD should be completed by 6:30pm. Sunday WODs kick off at 8am, all workouts should be completed by 4:30pm and awards should be completed by 6pm.

BGI Fitness
7231 Haverhill Bus Pkwy, Ste 205
West Palm Beach, FL 33407
(561) 296 9444

Governor Schwarzenegger at the 2010 CrossFit Games Ohio Sectionals within the Arnold Classic

(courtesy of www.crossfit.com)

Bryan (50sandbag): 20:27
Tony G (50sandbag) 12:30
Melanie (20): 24:27
Jessica (18): 28:34
Evelyn (20): 24:35
Denise (S/30/25sandbag): 19:48
Scott (SB): 25:21
Jen (S/25): 18:24
Roe (S/SB): 16:20
Janae (S/15): 18:14
Mindy (S/18): 16:39
Heather (S): 14:32
Chris M (rxd): 20:39
Bennett (S/35): 22:24
Chris V (70): 25:02
Tim (S/35): 21:40
Nannie (S/15): 19:30
Malia (S/35): 17:22
Jordan (S): 17:04
Michelle (S/15): 19:44
Angie (S/15): 18:12
Cathy (S/15): 23:41
Fernando (rxd): 21:32
Daniela (S/10): DNF
Jeff (S): 27:44
Lourdes (10/S): 24:36
Stephanie (25): 18:18
Tipton (25): 25:38
James (35): 25:56
Philip (rxd): 23:27
Elaine (20/S): 25:22
Silvia (35/SU): 19:28
Kat (25/S): 23:43
Doug (25): 23:27
Sabrina (rxd0: 12:33
Alex (S/15): 14:25
Daniel (S/55): 19:44
Farrah (S/25): 14:38
Rahel (rxd): 13:04
Lead (S/row/30): 24:49
Brian G (35): 21:17
Ileana (S/25): 18:47
Sue (S/30): 18:13
Lauren (rxd): 16:07
Tracey (S/20): 23:22
Diana (S/35): 20:03
Gabriel (rxd): 16:47
Claudio (30): 11:16
Skippy (rxd): 14:44
Susie (S/25): 16:56
Irma (S/35): 18:53
Clay (S/35): 22:35
Dawn (S/15): 15:29
Joe (rxd): 16:17
Jim G (rxd): 21:41
Ernesto (S/35): 21:48
Vanessa (rxd): 10:59
Mike (SB/70): 19:45
Adrian (rxd): 12:32
Jessica S (rxd): 11:58
Bobby (S/55): 21:09


5 Responses to “”

  1. 50 abmat sit ups
    50 double unders (killed me, couldn’t do more than 2 at a time. >:O)
    50 abmat sit ups
    50 walking lunges
    5o abmat sit ups
    50 burpees
    50 abmat sit ups
    Between 18:00 and 18:30; my stopwatch stopped at some point.

  2. Cool video with the Terminator…that was awesome!

  3. Tony, Kick ass job today. You just had to throw that sandbag into the mix didnt ya????

  4. Tony G. Says:

    Bryan…thanks buddy. Sorry for the sandbag.

  5. 4pm crew & Lish….wont make it today, my shoulder is killing me from something I did to it on the weekend. Today’s WOD looks fun though, I may have to make it up at home later this week using my med ball instead of the KB. =) Hope all my teachers had a great FCAT Testing day….. see you on Thursday!

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