FRIDAY – 100305

4 Rounds for time.

Run 400 meters
50 Squats

Post time to comments.

Great job James!

Ana Maria keeps on getting stronger and stronger!

Go Mindy!

Sabrina is gearing up for the 2010 CrossFit Games Florida Sectionals next weekend. She looks ready!




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  1. Bryan –

    Im not sure if you’re still on the wait list for City of Miami or not, and if so which list you are on.. if its the first or the second. But today, I had a parent conference for one of my students and he is up there in the ranks for City of Miami and I threw your name out there to see if he can do something. I hope you dont mind.. just trying to help. He is a real nice guy… I cant believe I didnt think to mention your name before. So if you get a call or inquiries from a David Bethencourt, dont be alarmed. I was trying to pull a string or two for you today. I hope it helps… =) Let me know if anything come from it.

    • Lisa, Of course I dont mind. Thank you very much for thinking of me! I am on the first list “A Band” is what they call it. I really appreciate you throwin my name out there, every bit helps right? I’ll let you know if I hear anything
      Thanks again, your Awesome!

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