FRIDAY – 100226

For reps.

5 minutes max Double unders
4 minutes max Burpees
3 minutes max Wall Ball Shots (20/14)
2 minutes max Pull ups
1 minute max Knees to Elbows

Post totals to comments.

ANNOUNCEMENT: This Sunday, February 28th at 11am we will be kicking off our Kids Fitness program. Join us for games and food for a post-wod BBQ. Bring friends, family, neighbors, and lots of kids! It’s Potluck so feel free to bring any food or drink!

Great job Clay!

Working on your arithmetic post WOD is good for you!

Nice Jen!

Jen: 39/40/27/20/6
Roe: 33/37/22/21/8
Chris V: 97/41/41/24/6
Ryan: 250/45/28/34/10
Denise: 0/24/18/11/5
Marianne (6/RP): 197/40/63/35/9
Holt: 262/52/35/50/13
Sharon (S): 278/23/34/33/12
Janae: 3/35/27/30/11
Peggy (12/B): 34/20/20/12/8
Jane (12/G): 30/31/37/16/9
Armando: 100/32/32/19/9
Greg H (row-cal): 63/45/40/27/12
Roger: 150/50/40/25/10
Ali (6/B): 150/50/40/25/10


5 Responses to “”

  1. antonygraf Says:

    Jen ? how big was it? It was this big.
    Roe? how big was it? IT WAS THIS BIG!

  2. that is toooo funny Tony! =)

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