TUESDAY – 100209


3 Rounds for time.

Run 400 meters
21 KB Swings (55/35)
12 Pull ups

Post time to comments.

Compare to 091006

Went to go visit CrossFit San Diego

Then I stopped by CrossFit Invictus and did a WOD.

Tony G (rxd): 9:36
Rufus (rxd): 9:30
Drew (rxd): 17:17
Bryan (rxd): 11:33
Julie (B): 18:40
Grace (row500/seatedSP20DB/PU): 16:00
Jordan (rxd): 12:10
Maria (rxd): 11:51
Peggy A (20/B): 17:44
Janae (18/G): 13:37
Chris M (rxd): 16:18
Chris V (rxd): 12:20
Jeff (70): 20:57
Greg S (70): 9:37
Rebecca (B/R): 22:29
Joe (rxd): 10:12
Jen (18/G): 14:23
Alex (rxd): 18:11
Tipton (20/ring): 13:20
Stephanie (20/ring): 11:26
Lisa (G): 15:02
Diana (rxd): 14:34
Miriam (G): 14:39
Gary (rxd): 11:07
Michelee (18/rings): 15:40
Mairanne (ring): 10:43
Erica (20/rings): 12:38
PSR (20/ring): 16:14
Roger (Karen): 6:05
J.T. (rxd): 18:14
Sabrina (rxd): 11;41
Rey (rxd): 12:44
Tracey (20/B): 15:18
Farrah (20/G): 12:00
Doug (35/SP): 13:10
Irma (30/P): 12:06
Sue (30/B): 13:52
Fernando (rxd): 12:13
Clay (35/JP): 11:43
Claudio (35/G): 11:07
Ana Maria (18/JP): 15:08
Yesenia (row/35/G): 15:31
Susie (row/25/G): 14:16
Greg (rxd): 8:58
Lauren (rxd0: 16:56
Rahel (R): 12:29
Lauren (15/RP): 10:25
Sophia (15/RP): 12:12
Georgette (15/RP): 14:52
Mindy (7.5/RP): 12:58
Ileana (20/B): 14:11
Gabriel (row/35): 17:09
Philip (70): 13:24
Jessica (35/R): 13:45
Adrian (70): 12:35
Greg H (35): 11:20
Robyn (row/35/G): 16:29
Shawn (P): 15:08
Rey (Diane): 12:29


3 Responses to “”

  1. I had mentioned this to Chris, and I’m not sure he has remembered as it was at least a month back, but we are coming up on Feb. 12th. For those who do not know (or don’t remember), Feb. 12th went down in Threshold history as the Magical Day of Muscle-Ups, where something like half-a-dozen people, including myself, got their very first muscle up on the very same day. I suggested that a commemorative (and perhaps optional/supplementary) WOD – which would probably include some form of muscle-ups – might be in order on the one-year anniversary of that day. Any thoughts?

    • As I was one of the members to join the muscle up club on that ‘Magical Day’, I am all for a WOD that includes some…and I say that with caution…muscle ups…unfortunately I cannot make it in on Friday but would try to make it up in the future.

      Skip…great memory!

  2. Bryan

    As promised here is the link for the credit report info. It is the Federal Trade Commision that handles this sort of thing. Below are other helpful links regarding ID theft.





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