MONDAY – 100208

Snatch Balance


(choose a weight and stick with it for all 5 sets) FOCUS ON FORM!


100 Consecutive Double Unders (or 400 consecutive singles) If you miss one, start over. 5 minute time cap. If you don’t meet the time cap, you must complete 50 burpees.

Post loads and attempts to comments.


Great cert! Me, Mikki Martin, John, Jeff Martin, and Debbie.


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  1. FYI, She won’t toot her horn but I will. Amy did the 400 consecutive singles in less than 5 minutes. Today is her birthday and she hates burpees which I think was a strong motivating factor to finishing the 400. THEN SHE DOES THE BURPEES ANYWAYS! Great Job Amy! Very proud! Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Amy!

  3. Happy Birthday Amy!

  4. Hope you’re enjoying your birthday!!!!

  5. Happy birthda Amy! enjoy!!!

  6. 400 single jumps 3:04 at school Susie counted

  7. Happy Birthday Amy!!

  8. Thanks for the b-day wishes… I had a great day:) Way to go Farrah!

  9. Antonygraf Says:

    Farah? Were they unbroken?
    Happy birthday Amy:/)

  10. Happy Birthday, Amy! No 911 calls tonight!

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