TUESDAY – 100202

Back Squat




Wall Ball Shots
Ring Dips

Post loads and times to comments.

Good job Dawn

Go Jessica!

Way to get that chest to deck Diana!

Rufus: 185,205,225,245,275/6:32
Bryan: 135,185,205,225,245/4:26
Maria: 65,75,95,125,145/6:39 (R)
Cristina: 45,45,45,45,45/7:45 (8/B)
Lead: 135,135,135,145,155/7:18 (P)
Tony G: 135,185,205,225,225/3:52
Shellow: 135,185,205,215,225/5:07
Hans: 135,185,205,215,215/8:59
Scott: 135,185,205,225,235/6:46-pullups
Roe: 65,85,105,125,125/8:27 (P)
Chris V: 135,185,205,225,235/4:13 (G)
Julissa: 65,85,105,115,125/6:27 (G)
Ryan: 135,185,205,225,235/7:05
Darrell: 135,185,205,225,235/7:12
Jessica C: 65,85,105,120,125/6:16 (P)
PSR: 45,65,85,80,85/7:54 (B)
Jordan: 135,185,205,225,215/6:45-pullups
Armando: 135,185,205,225,235/5:10 (R)
Peggy A: 65,85,105,110,115/8:21 (B)




12 Responses to “”

  1. Adrian

    I went to a store in Coral Gables called Venezia…here is there contact info.
    1721 Ponce De Leon Blvd
    Coral Gables, FL,
    (305) 444-3206

    They are the closest store that carries them. There are others in Broward.

    Remember…you need to go and try them on…the sizing of these are different then regular shoes.

  2. Correction –
    last attempt was 3X 1451bs!

  3. 10 rounds
    15 push ups
    10 kb swings (50)
    20 squats

  4. Rufus…making it look easy on the Back Squats this morning.

  5. 5-5-5 front squat (135/155/185)

    5min rest

    100 thrusters(65lb) 6:13

  6. got me a pair of kso’s as well. tried the other ones and they felt like they’d slip out on a run. this bad boys are stayin on.

  7. Adrian

    you will not be dissapointed. I wore mine again today. Did a 400M warmup run…felt good but I need to get my lower legs stronger.

    They are great for the O lifting WODs.

    Enjoy in good health.

    • Picked up a pair of the KSO’s as well for the O lifting and agree, they are nice and feel very grounded.. I must say this though, you have to watch what you do with them with regards to normal shoe activities. If you would not do something barefoot (with the exception of bottom protection), don’t do it with the Vibrams. I stopped a door form shutting with the top of my foot and it did not feel so good. And I have not been brave enough to run in them. My tubby butt just has too much attraction with gravity at this point to put my feet through that.

  8. i have a pair of kso’s. i walked around with them for about 2 weeks before running or lifting in them. i slowly started running with them to strengthen up my ankles and lower legs

    • Rey(newbie) Says:

      Great WOD today but i was really disappointed on my ring dips…. The WBS were cake ! Got to focus on my technique for the ring dips.

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