FRIDAY -100129

10 minutes Handstand push-ups
5 minutes Squats
2 minutes Pull-ups
1 minute Push-ups

Post totals to comments.

Great job Rebecca!

Maude jerking some solid weight!

Great extension Armando. Way to stay aggressive!


(courtesy of

Marianne: 52 half/164/16/28
Giselle: Hold/201/20/25
Georgette: 155/90/23(R)/13
Peggy A: 60sec/80/26(J)/14
PSR: 15sec/70/22(R)/12
Jane: 25sec/100/23(B)/12
Jeff: 15sec/85/13/26
Amy: 80half/116/26(G)/23
Heather: 4/140/15/20
Chris M: 36sec/80/16/12
Chris V: 2/137/24/24
Scott: 52(abmat)/150/30/30
Toi: 15/148/30/27
Holt: 65/205/60/44
Julie: 14sec/110/14(B)/25
Joe: 23/142/24/32
Farrah (G): 58sec/133/28/20
Lauren D: 37sec/127/12/20
Gabriel: 15/149/20/19
Ileana (15DBs/B): 70/105/23/11
Sonya: 90sec/135/12/19
Greg S: 53/194/26/27
Bryan: 51/120/45/29
Maria: 17/128/17/23
Yesenia (G): 15/117/17/20
Sara (15DBs/B): 63/80/20/23
Rahel (2R): 3sec/140/17/21
Sophia: 46sec/100/5/18
Kim R (P): 2/176/24/25
Sabrina: 0/157/15/26
Lauren (JP): 58sec/108/37/21

6 Responses to “”

  1. Um… okay 🙂 Guess the video was “foreshadowing”?

  2. I think I am going to have the flu tomorrow morning… or washing my hair… or etc… Class starts at 9:45 right?

  3. this looks fun, ill be doing this after work.

  4. Tony…thanks for pushing Rufus and I yesterday at 6 am.

    All…solid efforts on the push jerk! Making it look easy.

  5. WOD looks vicious.
    10.5K (pedometer is definitely not calibrated correctly)
    After, 100 push ups, 100 abmat sit ups, not timed

  6. Antonygraf Says:

    This is what I do :-)… I love this stuff t. Thanks!

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