WEDNESDAY – 100127

For time.

5 Rounds for time.

Run 400 meters
Rest 4 minutes in between rounds.

Post times to comments.

Tony Gomez’s new Vibram 5-finger shoes. Check out their site here.

Giselle: 1:37/1:37/1:31/1:37/1:49
Amy: 1:44/1:49/1:47/1:51/1:51
Jeff: 1:56/2:01/2:02/2:18/2:08
Ryan: 1:13/1:15/1:23/1:15/1:21
Chris V: 1:21/1:20/1:33/2:15/1:31
Marianne: 1:29/1:32/1:38/1:38/1:39
Rebecca: 3:28/3:15/3:18/3:09/3:44
Cathy: 2:38/2:36/2:36/2:34/2:37
Jane: 1:52/1:57/1:52/1:55/1:58
Sharon: 3:06/2:55/3:00/4:00/3:00
Farrah: 1:51/1:49/1:58/1:55/1:51
Nicole D: 1:51/1:59/1:58/2:01/2:00
Lauren: 1:47/1:44/1:45/1:52/1:53
Carrie: 1:35/1:40/1:46/1:53/1:53
Joe: 1:09/1:14/1:21/1:14/1:15
Greg H: 1:21/1:22/1:25/1:26/1:23
Simone: 1:57/2:04/2:03/2:03/1:46
Stephanie: 1:28/1:43/
Maria: 1:38/1:44/1:43/1:42/1:40
Holt: 1:11/1:12/1:15/1:21/1:14
Fernando: 1:13/1:13/1:12/1:17/1:16
Kathy: 1:34/1:38/1:44/1:51/1:43
Kristy: 1:38/1:42/1:55/1:53/1:47
Sue: 2:18/2:13/2:07/2:06/2:02
Ileana: 2:19/2:15/2:18/2:15/2:11
Rahel: 1:26/1:33/1:35/1:42/1:38
Jessica S: 1:34/1:33/1:35/1:35/1:38
Irma: 1:29/1:27/1:32/1:33/1:34
Melissa V: 1:51/1:51/2:05/2:02/1:53
Lillie: 2:01/2:05/2:04/2:14/2:07
Miriam: 1:40/1:43/1:46/1:50/1:50
Diana: 2:16/2:08/3:12/2:41/2:10
Jim G: 2:06/2:01/1:49/1:53/1:45
Armando: 1:53/1:43/1:41/1:48/1:36
Adrian: 1:27/1:28/1:33/1:36/1:34
Claudio: 1:32/1:28/1:34/1:37/1:37
Tatiana: 1:51/1:49/1:49/1:54/1:57


7 Responses to “”

  1. Gary

    Happy belated birthday!

  2. Yo tony,

    those shoes are nuts! you always get the bad ass shoes. first the clik wire ones now these. haha. i put on a pair those the other day one of my friends got them. they were super comfortable. are they good to work out in though? how’d they feel. I know they have a pair made with crossfit in mind. cause if so i’m getting a pair.

  3. Adrian

    The model I bought are the KSO. Those are the ones recommended for Crossfit because of the strap across the top and the mesh that covers the top of your foot.

    I did my second WOD in them yesterday. They felt great. I have not run in them and will not run in them until I build up my foot/ankle strength. All the research I did suggest easing into running with the vibrams.

    • Tony,

      Please let the group know when you do decide to take them for a run. Also, being intelligent enough to have broken my toes a couple times while walking (stub toe, etc..), how much support / protection do they give you from impact?

      You seemed to do the overhead squat pretty well with them. Please keep us updated.

  4. Jeff

    These shoes feel like you are walking barefoot with some rubber to protect your feet from scrapes and the such. I will keep you all posted as to the progression. So far, I have used them around the house, to go food shopping a couple of times and for two WODs…no problems so far.

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