SATURDAY – 100123

3 minute max point Suicide Run
2 minute max burpees
1 minute max pull ups

Post reps to comments.

CrossFit Threshold would like to welcome Sharon, one of our newest members. Welcome to our family!

Farrah (G): 89
Lisa G (G): 89
Denise (rings): 76
Mike (rxd): 92
Vanessa (rxd): 106
Maynor (rxd): 90
Sabrina (rxd): 101
Rahel (R): 89
Grace (rxd): 94
Jordan (rxd): 82
Adriana (rxd): 88
Silvia (G): 80
Philip (rxd): 101
Lauren (rxd): 84
Lucie (P): 84
Greg S (rxd): 113
Jeff (rxd): 72
Amy (G): 88
Simone (G): 79
Rufus (rxd): 121
Greg H (rxd): 103
Armando (rxd): 90
Jane (rings): 84
Julie (B): 64
Raul (G): 74
Marianne (rxd): 103
Roe (G): 84
Irma (G): 104
Maria (rxd): 96
Holt (rxd): 140


7 Responses to “”

  1. 100 abmat sit ups.

    So how was DRB?

  2. DRB was great: good beer, good company! Where were you Gary? We missed you.

  3. I’m sorry to say, out of town at a trade show.

    Welcome, Sharon!

  4. Great programming today folks. That was deceptively hard

  5. 25 wall balls (20lb)
    20 24kg kettlebells
    15 burpee box jumps
    10 32kg kettlebells
    25 burpees
    10 32kg kettlebells
    15 burpee box jumps
    20 25kg kettlebells
    25 wall ball (20lb)


  6. Welcome Sharon!!! I missed the beer last night and today’s wod but I can’t wait for the WOD on Sunday, Chris Holt, care to chime in early as to what it will be? All I will say is that it will be fun and different.
    Hey Thor, are you doing all of these workouts by yourself?
    Keep kicking ass Jeff!!! Yes, I too drink the Koolaid, this site is in my bookmark on my phone and yes it is being checked often, lol!!!

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