THURSDAY – 100107




Run 1 mile for time.

Post loads and time to comments. MUST complete all 5 reps on deadlift. Bring something WARM to wear for the mile run!!!!

Great job on the pistol Jessica!!!!

Maynor getting those Muscle Ups!!!!

Tony G: 185,205,255,265,275/7:08
Gary: 185,205,255,255,255/6:51
Bryan: 185,225,275,305,310/7:37
Scott: 225,275,280,295,305/9:00
Ryan: 225,275,280,280,280/6:21
Greg S: 225,275,280,280,280/6:40
Darrell: 185,225,245,245,245/7:13
Lina: 95,105,115,125,135/10:02
Fernando: 185,225,245,245,245/6:22
Lucie: 95,115,125,135,155/9:41
Maude: 95,115,125,135,140/8:15
Marianne: 95,115,125,135,155/7:33
Jeff: 185,225,250,275,280/11:57
Irma: 85,95,115,135,135/7:17
Lindsey: 85,95,115,135,135/7:18
Susie: 75,95,115,125,130/10:08
Ileana: 85,95,115,135,145/12:13
Elaine: 75,95,115,125,130/13:21
Jim: 140,150,160,170,180/8:49
Leo: 75,95,115,125,130/8:31
Sabrina: 105,125,145,155,175/
Adriana: 105,125,145,155,175/8:44
Yesenia: 95,115,125,135,135/(row 1600m) 8:37
Lauren: 95,115,125,135,155/9:00
Maynor: 155,155,165,185,200/6:34
Sue: 95,115,125,135,155/9:49
Philip: 185,225,255,265×2,275×2/7:12
Tony P: 185,225,255,275,305/6:52
Gabriel: 165,165,175,185×2,175×2,175/7:11
Chris V: 185,225,255×4/7:13
Alex M: 165,165,175,175,180/7:28
Rey: 255,275,295,315,335/7:35
Kim N: 95,115,135,145,155/8:17
Maria: 95,125,145,165,185/8:19
Jessica S: 95,125,145,155×2/7:51
Jim K: 255,275,295,315,335/6:53
Joseph: 75,86,135,140,145/7:55
Claudio: “Karen”: 13:08/1milerun 8:34


7 Responses to “”

  1. Gary, Here is one of the Muscle up progression videos I was talkin about. If you dont subsrcribe to the journal this one may not work, but do a google search there are a few more, I just havent been able to look at em.

    Also Chris the 6am Class would like to thank you for the 40 degree run this morning. Adrian we missed ya buddy

  2. Jeff: Mile run – 11:56

  3. Hey Chris thanks for the encouragement helping me do the dead lift. Thank you to everyone at cross-fit for making it possible.

  4. Thanks guys! Gotta practice it, it’s driving me bonkers.

  5. T, I already told you. Mike, Vanessa and Sabrina, the Abmats are supposed to be delivered to me on Monday.

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