SUNDAY – 100103

(teams of 2) – only one person can be working at one time.

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

200 meter Sandbag Run
20 Push ups (with sandbag on back)

Team CANNOT drop sandbag. If sandbag is dropped, team must complete 10 burpees each. 1 round consists of a 200 m sandbag run and push ups.


(courtesy of

Bryan/Ryan (rxd): 7 Rds
Marianne/Sabrina (rxd): 10 Rds
Greg H/Gary (rxd): 6 Rds
Dawn/Lucie (rxd): 8 Rds
Chris V/Philip (rxd): 9 Rds
Cathy/Bobby (rxd): 6 Rds
Farrah/Suzie (rxd): 7 Rds
Al/Joseph (50/25): 7 Rds
Grace (5k row): 24:58


One Response to “”

  1. Barbara 32:13
    3:41, 3:48, 3:58, 4:10, 4:36

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