SATURDAY – 100102

10 Rounds for time.

10 Ring Dips
10 Box Jumps (24 inch)

Post time to comments.



Drew Armstrong, Bushbuckridge, South Africa
(courtesy of


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  1. aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Chris , send them big snowballs down here…. a new wod , snowball fights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I’m liking 2010 so far…

    First kids scaled WOD for Charles (7 year old son)
    25 squats , 25 pushups , 25 situps – 2:39

    Yesterdays WOD done today:
    125 SQ, 125 PU, 125 SU – 30:17

    Got first consecutive DU’s and then managed to get “10” consecutive DU’s… Tis’ the year of the “10”…. where is Bo Derek when you need her?

  3. Jeff sounds like you’re off to a great start to 2010. And the most consecutive DUs I’ve done is 9…..

  4. And you’re “10” times my max du’s……1 ! Very nice!

  5. Chris Holt Says:

    Jeff that’s awesome!!! I can’t wait to see these consecutive dubs in action! As for your son, he’s well on his way to understanding early on what fitness is all about. You and Amy are great role models!

  6. Thanks guys… I think it had something to do with the full moon… the orbits of the planets…. lucky underwear… something!?! So now 2 out of the 4 kids have done a workout and our 3 year old is walking around saying “see my muscles” . LOL. See you tomorrow.

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