FRIDAY – 091218

For time.


Double Unders
Wall Ball Shots (20/14)

Post time to comments.

You should be spent after sprints….

A Gift from Silvia. SANTA ROPE CLIMBING!!!!

Very decent POSE Brad!!!!

Scott (rxd): 31:19
Pita (rxd): 13:10
Jen R (S/10): 23:54
Tito (S/14): 21:49
Joseph (S/14): 21:00
Jeff (rxd): 42:31
Greg S (rxd): 18:15
Lish (rxd): 11:53
Greg S (rxd): 15:51
Farrah (12): 21:01
Simone (10): 19:39
Irma (12/S-last rd): 25:43
Maria (rxd): 16:46
Kim N (10): 18:32
Jim K (rxd): 10:23
Rahel (15): 22:14
Sabrina (rxd): 14:27
Bryan (rxd): 16:06
Joe (rxd): 20:34
Gabrielle (rxd): 13:33


7 Responses to “”

  1. Rey(newbie) Says:

    Is there a list of what people are already bringing cause i have no idea what to bring……..

  2. adding another newbie question: since y’all are having a potluck tomorrow, is the 11am class still on? thanks!

    • Hey Sai. The 11am is a newbie class which means it’s a baseline WOD. I would recommend attending the 8am or 9am class. Hope to see you then!

      • 9am? ouch. it takes pancakes to get me out of bed that early… we’ll see if i make it in! thanks for the info.

  3. Rey, there isn’t a list right now but so far people are bringing drinks, fruit, veggie platter, cupcakes, etc. Feel free to bring something else (maybe some protein)!

  4. BTW, I’m bringing a homemade brisket.

  5. Pancakes? Well I hope a tough CrossFit WOD will help persuade you to stop on by! The more the merrier at our affiliate! btw, Gary, I’m am SO looking forward to that brisket!!!!

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