FRIDAY – 091204

6 Rounds for time.

10 Pull ups
10 Med Ball Cleans
100 meter Run

Post time to comments.

Happy Birthday Sabrina!

Outstanding job Jeff!

Greg gettin’ it done!

Adriana showed great resolve with the 95lb power cleans.

Way to fight the 155lbs Ryan!

Amy (B/8): 14:44
Lucie (G/14): 14:01
Armando (R/20): 14:50
Jeff (JP/14): 17:32
Ryan (rxd): 8:18
Darrell (rxd): 12:29
Justin (R/20): 16:22
Brad (rxd): 11:00


11 Responses to “”


  2. Happy Birthday, Sabrina!!!
    Enjoy all those cookies ! ! ! ! ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Short on time.

    4 rounds
    20 thrusters (2x15lb db)
    20 push ups
    25 sit ups

  4. Have a wonderful birthday Sabrina! Enjoy your cookie cake:)

  5. Happy Birthday Sabrina!

  6. Happy Birthday Sabrina!

  7. antonygraf Says:

    Happy birthday!!!!

  8. THANK YOU!!!! Can’t wait for my cookie cake later!!!! =)

  9. Happy birthday Sabrina!! Enjoy the paleo cookies from your students… 🙂

  10. MMMM, Cookie Cake…….
    Max Rep Pull ups 35
    Annie (singles) w/ burpees instead of sit ups 17:54
    Annie (singles) w/ situps 12:16 (a little slow after the burpees)

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