THURSDAY – 091119

12 Rounds for time.

12 Burpees
12 Pull ups

Post time to comments.

THE POSE RUNNING – CrossFit Journal

Grace (R): 35:12
Doug (P): 33:48
Marie (blue): 30:45
Armando (R): 34:54
Brad (P): 31:35
Karl (G): 39:57
Toi (rxd): 31:17
Ileana (lunges/situp): 31:40
Kim R (G): 27:37
Silvia (G): 32:36
Suzie (B): 29:04
Leo (2R): 28:59
Irma (G): 24:57
Adrian (rxd): 31:45
Philip (rxd0: 30:03
Lucie (B): 28:11
Lauren (R): 37:58
Gabriel (rxd-10rds): 36:30
Claudio (G): 32:42
Tracey (rings): 36:26
Rahel (R): 33:33
Lead (rings): 58:59
Jessica (P): 33:47
Douglas (2R): 30:55
Lina (G): 30:51
Melissa (G): 33:21
Rey (rxd):
Jim G (G):
Brian (R):
Kim N (G):
Jim K (rxd):
Tatiana (G):


6 Responses to “”

  1. Good Luck to all those who will compete this weekend in the Iron Curtain challenge! =)

  2. 100 sit ups
    100 leg levers
    100 flutter kicks (4 ct)
    8:26 (dropped over 2 minutes from 3 months ago)

    46 burpees.

  3. Silvia massoni Says:

    Can’t walk! I think I pulled something on my right leg when I was doing the pull ups with the green band. Ay!

  4. Rest up Silvia. What exactly do you think you did? Besides pressing down, there isn’t much you’re doing with your leg in the band.

  5. Rey(newbie) Says:

    Man this WOD really killed me…..I was really disappointed with my time…..My body is not used to going the distance with these workouts.

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