THURSDAY – 091112

5 Rounds for time.

50 Double Unders
25 KB Swings (55/35)

Post time to comments.

Douglas, you rock.

Tony G (rxd): 13:38
Grace (rxd): 14:56
Bryan (rxd): 19:28
Marie (S/20): 24:40
Jeff (S/20): 27:56
Amy (S/10): 20:04
Ryan (rxd): 14:02
Scott (S/55): 20:06
Lina (20SU/25): 20:05
Marianne (rxd): 13:14
Mirella (S/15): 22:52
Heather (S/35): 14:05
Adriana (rxd): 11:49
Roe (S/35): 20:42
Ileana (S/25): 24:30
Armando (S/55): 16:25
Jorge (S/20): 32:20
Leo (S/18): 10:34
Silvia (16″SU/20): 17:59
Dawn (S/20): 19:33
Simone (S/25): 18:11
Lauren (rxd): 16:13
Lucie (S): 24:15
Suzie (S/25): 18:55
Alex (S/20): 16:49
Lisa G (S/35): 21:50
Rebecca (S/20): 22:14
Douglas (S/15): 15:27
Elizabeth (S/30): 18:43
Zeus (rxd): 10:59
Irma (S/25): 30:29
Rahel (rxd): 16:11
Eddie (40): 32:38
Jessica S (rxd): 15:12
Tony P (rxd): 27:46
Fernando (rxd): DNF
Greg S (“Brutus” @ 85lbs): 15:21
Robyn (S): 18:44
Kim N (rxd): 17:32
Jim K (rxd): 13:05
Maria (“Brutus” @ 57lbs): 21:53
Gabriel (40): 20:03
Jim G (40): 27:14
Adrian (“Brutus” @ 85lbs): 18:22


8 Responses to “”

  1. David Blumberg Says:

    Doug man, I’m so proud of you. Keep it up. Youre gonna be a beast!

  2. Beast!!!

  3. P.S. how disastrous would it be if i went for 2 pood today?

  4. This one put me down today. I was strugglin

  5. Marie

    As promised, a good list of Paleo foods. Enjoy.

  6. Antonygraf Says:

    Sick pick .. Proud if you Doug keep it up…

  7. Mr. Holt. Today you mentioned that you find it easier to push for a goal when you have a time ahead of you. I got one for you in light of todays jump rope adventures. This nice young man is throwing a 6-under jump rope turn… what is that a sextuple under? Please note, when our workout includes one of those, I am resigning.

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