FRIDAY – 091106

6 Rounds for time.

25 Push ups
20 Rings Dips
15 Box Jumps (20″)
10 Med Ball Cleans (20/12)

Post time to comments.

Compare to 090430


(courtesy of the 2009 CrossFit Games)
Nicole Gordon of CrossFit Hampton Roads was in the first heat of the sledge event. Entering the event she was hovering just behind the middle of the pack. She hit the ground running and was doing well in the event until a poor strike and unfortunate hand placement caused big problems. Nicole’s finger was crushed between the sledge hammer and the stake.

Nicole was undaunted, and finished the event in spite of the pain. You could her scream intermittently throughout the final 500 meter row.

The medical team stood by as she pulled out her last few strokes on the machine and immediately went to work. Nicole was taken to the hospital by ambulance where they assessed the extent of the damage. When it was determined that the finger was not in fact broken, she rushed back to compete in the Couplet. She called frantically from the car to assure us she was coming back for her scheduled heat.

Heather (16/P/14): 22:00
Chris V (20/P/20): 28:06
Armando (20/P/20): 31:41
Jeff (Bench pushup/bar dips/SU/14): 42:55
Chris M (20/G/20): 30:52
Yesenia (16/10/B): 33:18
Elizabeth (16/10/G): 36:41
Patricia (16/8/B): 32:25
Grace (20/20/R): 32:25
Lead (16/20/G): 52:08
Philip (14/20): 31:36
Bryan (24/25): 22:00
Irma (16/12/G): 33:41
Elaine (24SU/12/dip): 32:20
Greg S (20/25): 26:14
Farrah (16/12/P): 25:17
Ileana (16/10/B): 31:16
Rahel (20/14/P): 31:20
Nicole (16/12/dip): 28:10
Jim G (20/20/Dip): 31:09
Jessica S (20/12/G): 31:05
Lucie (20/14/P): 31:15
Sabrina (20/14/R): 29:52
Fernando (24/25): 42:34


3 Responses to “”

  1. 32 burpees yesterday. 33 today. Be there in the morning!

  2. OuCh! So “pain don’t hurt” huh? Thanks for the support Chris, Chris, Chris, and Felix. When I can move again i’ll be back.

    • Come in ASAP Jeff. I know you’re going to be sore but you can’t take too much time off or else every time you come in, it’ll feel like your first workout all over again. In the beginning you have to fight through the soreness a bit. The human body is amazing and can adjust quite quickly if exposed enough to certain things. The biggest hurdle is usually the beginning so come in.

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