WEDNESDAY – 091104

For time.

Run 5k

Post time to comments.

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Rey with an outstanding thruster. First encounter with Fran! Great job brother!

Marianne: 26:04
Karl: 37:30
Chris V: 24:41
Rebecca: 48:35
Kent: 21:24
Lauren: 28:52
Greg H: 24:10
Ileana: 35:17
Dylan: 26:06
Fernando: 21:19
Jim G: 31:13
Lead: 34:53
Alex: 32:53
Elizabeth: 31:47
Irma: 26:25
Brad: 21:29
Ryan; 21:06
Mike: 23:30
Vanessa: 23:31
Maynor: 22:21
Tracey: 42:23
Jessica S: 26:04
Yesenia: 33:23
Gabriel: 25:13
Patricia: 42:54
Mirella: DNF
Jim K: 25:26
Kim N: 26:59
Adrian: 32:03
Ernesto: 31:19
Robert: 24:33


4 Responses to “”

  1. Hey guys….been gone a few days…my son has been sick with high fever….so I was home taking care of him. I did a WOD yesterday from home while my son napped, but its not the same as being in the box with the rest of you all… 4PM crew – Ill be back on Thursday!!!!

    For Time:
    50-40-30-20-10 (sub for 200 – 160 – 120 – 80 – 40 singles)
    Double Unders


  2. To my 6 AM bretheren…missed Tuesday due to severly sore hamstrings and the fact I had my physical fitness test for work in the afternoon (what a joke)…Will miss tomorrow due to presentation we are putting on at FIU.

    Completed WOD from a few days ago today:

    Double Unders


    Pushups began to hurt at the midway point of the set of 40…had to break them up into 5s and even 2s.

  3. 32 Burpees

    100 squats
    10 HSPU
    5 rounds

  4. 31 burpees.
    Greg, I think you’re 1 day fast.

    I’m doing a 5K in the AM at home and I’ll be in class at 4!

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