SUNDAY – 091025

(Teams of 2)

100 Clean and Jerks for time. (95/65)
Run 2 miles

Can partition running and C&Js in any order as long as all reps and distance are completed. One teammate is either running or C&Jing. Scale as needed.

Post time to comments.

By Alec Hanson
(courtesy of the CrossFit Journal)
Passionate CrossFitters have questions about the growth of the movement. Alec Hanson (CrossFit Costa Mesa) believes existing affiliates need to spend less time worrying and more time pursuing excellence and virtuosity.

The following open letter was posted Oct. 7, 2009, on the CrossFit Discussion Board as part of a thread titled “Huge Decline in Quality.” It is reformatted and reprinted here with the author’s permission.

An Open Letter Regarding CrossFit

Download the PDF article

Jonathan/Brian (20): 21:16
Vanessa/Maria (rxd): 20:19
Luke/Skippy (95): 17:00
Holt/Zach (135): 16:33
Elaine(10)/Jim(20): 26:54
Greg/Gary (95): 19:41
Bryan/Peter (95): 16:31
Mike/Jim K (95): 17:59
Doug/Scott (75): 22:58
Marianne(65)/Kim N(48): 20:31
Mirella(8)/Lead(10): 24:22
Gabriel/Patrick (20): 20:41
Cristina(6)/Sabrina(65): 22:47


5 Responses to “”

  1. 21 burpees.

  2. 21 burpees

  3. 20 and 21 Burpees. Catchin up

  4. Hey guys,

    Thanks for the link to the article Alec wrote.

    “Keep Going!”

    Steve D.

    • No problem Steve. I really liked the article and support what Alec had to say. As some affiliates hang up their status (which I can understand to some degree), what Alec wrote is true. Focus on yourself, your business, your trade and skill. It’s easy to get caught up in what other affiliates are doing and how they’re doing it but at the end of the day, you need to focus on your clients, not everyone elses. People will gravitate towards good training and coaching. Just stay true to CrossFit and it’s methods and stay true to the type of coach that you’d want to be trained by. We all need coaches and that’s just a fact of life.


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