SATURDAY – 091024

For time.


Burpee-Medball Clean-Wall Ball Shot (20/14)
Toes to Bar

Post time to comments.

Compare to 090827

Great ROM Mike.

Doug (20/high knees): 16:01
Sabrina (rxd): 13:23
Scott (rxd): 14:44
Lisa G (rxd): 15:50
Lead (20/hk): 31:22
Jim G (rxd): 16:27
Farrah (12/hk): 14:12
Susie (10/hk): 14:12
Vanessa (rxd): 11:36
Mirella (8/hk): 14:23
Ileana (8/hk): 17:55
Simone (10/hk): 17:13
Mike (rxd): 11:52
Jordan (rxd): 11:24
Ryan (rxd): 9:00
Jim K (rxd): 8:41
Kim N (14/hk): 12:55
Adriana (rxd): 10:01
Gary (rxd): 10:35
Elizabeth (14/hk)
Ernesto (20/hk): 18:59
Maria (rxd): 12:45
Chris V (rxd): 12:00


7 Responses to “”

  1. 20 burpees

  2. “Griff”


  3. i compared my time to the last time we did this wod and i shaved off 7 mins =0) ….i remeber that morning i was really sore which made the wod that much worse!

  4. Oh, yeah. 20 burpees. AFTER the WOD!

  5. Adriana…I hear ya on the PR. Last time I did this WOD I did hands to knees instead of toes to bar. Today I did RXD and I shaved off 3 mins. Could it be the nutrition? =)

  6. Elizabeth Says:

    If anyone wants a nice breeze to cool them off during the WOD, just set up shop next to Adriana! so fast!!!

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