THURSDAY – 091022

Pull up on the minute.

Post total to comments.

Compare to 090716

On a different note, my brother is a Lead Texture painter for ILM. Here’s his new showreel of all his current work.

That front squat position looks much better Douglas!
Jim Gillis showing arm extension at its best. It’s all about standards, ROM, and technique.
Jess going rxd! Drive those elbows a tad bit higher but great performance and great squat depth!
CrossFit Kids Certification Highlights Preview

(courtesy of

Lieutenant Steve Smith

(courtesy of the 2009 CrossFit Games)

Karl (rxd): 6
Bryan (rxd): 18
Adriana (rxd): 7
Tony G (rxd): 15
Skippy (rxd): 15
Luke (rxd): 14
Scott (R): 13
Chris M (G): 13
Heather (G): 19
Yolanda (B): 18
Simone (B): 12
Lina (G): 14
Lucy (B): 15
Greg S (rxd): 17
Lead (rings): 11
Ileana (B): 14
Suzie (B): 13
Douglas (2R): 13
Armando (P): 13
Lisa G (B):13
Peter (R): 14
Roe (G): 10
Gary (rxd): 13
Fernando (rxd): 6
Rahel (P): 10
Gabriel (rxd): 10
Lindsey (G): 9
Jessica (R): 9
Patrick (P): 8
Maria (rxd): 13
Philip (rxd): 12
Robert (rings): 12
Robyn (G): 15
Ernesto (B): 14
Patty (G): 8
Jim G (G): 12
Lauren (R): 14
Adrian (rxd): 11
Maynor (rxd): 9


7 Responses to “”

  1. Hey Chris, Lish and Tony!

    Hope all is well! I’m so impressed that you all are doing a Paleo challenge! I’m excited to see the results! Unfortunately, as a broke college student in the middle-of-nowhere NY, I knew I would not be able to participate. However, I have a new challenge for all of you! I’ve recently become a member of Seafood Watch and Slow Food and am very passionate about eating locally and sustainably. That’s been working for me up here because there are so many farms and a grass-fed butcher down the road!

    On TV the other night, I came across a show called “The 100 Mile Challenge” – I don’t know if you have heard about the 100 mile diet but essentially, it’s all about eating only foods grown or produced within the 100 mile limit. Miami would be the perfect place to do this, as seafood is plentiful and year-round sunshine provides for rich, fresh fruits and veggies! I’m trying to stick to it as much as I can up here (it’ll be interesting in winter) and I’m thinking you all should give it a shot – it fits in so well with Paleo because the food is fresh and hasn’t traveled half-way around the world or been processed/preserved/packed full of Salt and MSG.

    Let me know what you think!

  2. Bryan…great job this morning…way to set the bar high…pun intended!

    Adriana/Karl…way to go Rxd!!!

    • Thanx T, bro we were neck and neck though for a while. I just checked it, last time i did this one i got 14. So 18 is deffinetly a PR for me

      … I’m STILL slacking massively on the burpees

  3. You and I both on the burpee front…we need to tap into some of Gary’s caveman bodyweight power.

  4. Silvia massoni Says:

    Sorry I liked the other web page better! I do not seem to tale changes well! Where are the schedules?

    • the website hasn’t changed Silvia. The schedules are under the link to the right titled “schedule” Are you looking at the site from an iphone or computer?

  5. 18 burpees.
    Bryan, way to kick ass! Tony, the only caveman thing I’ve got going is my grunting :).

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