WEDNESDAY – 091007


Sumo-Deadlift High Pull (75/45)

Post time to comments.


Tony displaying INTENSITY

Ryan (rxd): 11:16
Scott (rxd): 20:04
Karl (65): 27:36
Roe (rxd): 15:47
Kim R (rxd): 14:39
Jen R (37.5): 15:02
Lucie (42.5): 18:58
Heather (42.5): 12:31
Chris V (rxd): 13:19
Chris M (rxd): 23:09
Greg S (rxd): 18:54
Fernando (rxd): 15:05
Julissa (IHBL WOD): 13:10
Farrah (rxd): 15:40
Greg S (rxd): 14:09
Darrell (rxd): 15:57
Toi (rxd): 13:59
Philip (rxd): 16:30
Lauren (rxd): 18:02
Brad (rxd): 12:11
Greg H (rxd): 17:36
Marianne (rxd): 12:05
Elizabeth (48/35): 17:55
Sue (22): 18:24
Douglas (18): 10:50
Ileana (18): 17:06
Lina (40): 16:22
Kent (rxd): 18:07
Maureen (25): 18:27
Mike (rxd): 12:52
Vanessa (rxd): 12:53
Maynor (rxd): 13:15
Maria (rxd): 11:00
Tony P (rxd): 13:22
Peter (65): 10:15
Doug (rxd): 19:21
Jessica (rxd): 13:27
Melissa (rxd): 13:37
Dawn (35): 18:43
Zach (rxd): 10:06
Claudio (50Burpees/75SU/45squats/500 DUs): 14:47
Grace (rxd): 11:07
Adrian (rxd): 15:02
Brian G (45): 16:03
Lead (rxd): 27:24
Kim N (rxd): 11:04
Sabrina (rxd): 10:03
Jim K (rxd): 9:30
Jim G (rxd): 23:39
Robert (65): 23:25
Nicole (35): 14:53
Jackie (rxd): 12:09


14 Responses to “”

  1. Happy Birthday Elisha!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Lish!

  3. happy birthday lish

  4. Happy Birthday to you:) !!!!

  5. Happy Birthday Lish…

    Wishing you much happiness today & always

    3 burpees

  7. Happy Birthday, Lish!!!!!!!
    Did my burpees.
    Day off.

  8. Happppppppy Happpppyyyyy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are the best, brightest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oxoxoxooxox

  9. Happy B-Day Lish!!! I met a friend of your’s recently…I should say Luke and I met her: Melanie Rinaldi. She said you two were roomies. She was diving at the pool at UM, where Luke and I hang out basically to talk to girls, but also to get some sun. Soshe was diving and looking cool, and we were on the diving board on the opposite side of the pool looking like total retards. So Luke gets up there and he’s talking to this gymnast who is trying to teach him some crazy flippy thing, and Melanie is just waiting and she’s like “man-up and just go”, towhich he responds “oh, now the pressure is suffocating”. She’s like “gotta be able to perform under pressure”, and he gets defensive and says “I can handle the pressure just fine”, to which she responds “well I guess you’re just not a man”…

    So he’s already on a pedestal (the diving board) and there going back-and-forth, so everyone can hear…long-story-short, EVERYONE laughed,I went over cuz I thought that deserved a high five, and we are gonna chill this weekend…

  10. Happy belated birthday LISH! Hope you had a great one. BEST WISHES FOR A HAPPY YEAR AHEAD!

  11. Thank you everyone…

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