TUESDAY – 090922

3 Rounds for time

Run 400 meters
30 Ring Dips
30 Sit ups

Post time to comments.

Bill Maher: New Rule: You Can’t Complain About Health Care Reform If You’re Not Willing to Reform Your Own Health.

CrossFit Threshold’s Daniel Susskind on the shores of New Zealand sending his love (from the future) the only way a CrossFitter knows how, through a handstand photo! Check out his testimonial here!

Rome (rxd): 12:30
Hans (rxd): 19:46
Gary (rxd): 15:06
Sabrina (red): 14:28
Chanel (purple): 15:19
Kim R (purple): 15:03
Adriana (red): 14:26
Roe (P): 18:40
Lucie (G): 20:29
Heather (P): 15:09
Greg S (red): 16:34
Joe (R): 19:26
Annette (Squat 50): 11:27
Chris M (P): 19:39
Molly (P): 21:44
Lina (P): 19:11
Yesenia (P): 20:45
Yolanda (Box Dips): 14:56
Nicole (G): 17:21
Brian G (P): 18:19
Jonathan (P): 15:33
Lauren (P): 16:51
Marianne W (R): 13:09
Jessica S (G): 19:59
Maynor (rxd): 19:32
Claudio (P): 15:50
Philip (rxd): 19:31
Maureen (G): 19:45
Sue (B): 19:30
Ileana (B): 20:05
Adrian (rxd): 17:38
Toi (rxd): 15:44
Grace (R): 14:09
Lead (P): 23:07
Lindsey (P): 13:44
Rebecca (B): 23:38


8 Responses to “”

  1. Lish I have a faculty mtg today after work….last tuesday was my open house – now this week I have another meeting…I hate missing the gym….Im totally there on THURSDAY!!!!!!! im having crossfit withdrawals.

  2. Lisa, I feel like we haven’t seen you in a while! Don’t fret, I understand schedules and work can be time consuming. Can you make any other class rather than the 4pm?

  3. http://www.fittestperson.com

    Where are the crossfitters!?

  4. Hey Chris… I miss you guys!!!!! The 4 pm is the best for me because I have my mother-in-law who watches them after work for me on Tuesday/Thursdays, except the days I have faculty meetings like today. Tony had to work tonight so I couldn’t make a later class. Today I came straight from work and took care of the babies! I will be there on Thursday – NO EXCUSES!!!! Work can kiss my ***! =)

  5. Oops…the comment above was Lisa…. haha.. not my hubby Tony!

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