SUNDAY – 090920

Tony’s “Jailbreak Surprise”.

Sandbag Bear Crawl
400m Sandbag Run
25 Burpees
75 Sit ups
50 Walking Lunges
75 Sit ups
50 Walking Lunges
25 Burpees
400m Sandbag Run
Sand Bag Bear Crawl

Post time to comments.

Adriana practicing with the heaviest weight she could find.

Gary/Gabriel (50): 24:30
Lead/Jim G (25): 34:41
Farrah/Suzie (25): 33:50
Nicole/Elaine (25): 37:01
Brian G/Jonathan (25): 22:43
Bryan/Rufus (50): 22:50
Mirella/Patricia (25): 34:44
Chris/Bobby (50): 32:48
Grace/Sabrina (25): 20:00
Ileana (25): 44:10


12 Responses to “”

  1. SORRY CHRIS =0/

  2. Today’s WOD was awesome!!!!

  3. Sorry I missed the WOD (had to work). Sounded great.

  4. It was great! Good WOD and fun too!

  5. Been at work all day
    whats’s a jailbreak surprise

  6. What was the WOD?

  7. When the pics are posted you guys will laugh your asses off and see why it’s called jail break. Grace and Sabrina kicked ass today.

  8. Rufus is a beast, he would have gone through that whole thing without a single stop if it wasn’t for me. Sorry to hold ya back bro, but I had a blast

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