FRIDAY – 090918

5 Rounds for time

25 Wall Ball Shots
30 Pull ups

Post time to comments.

Amazing job Peter on rxd weight! Future Fire Breather!
Jessica making rxd weight look easy.

Chris V (P): 27:55
Roe (12/G): 31:50
Patricia (10/B): 24:56
Greg H (B/JP): 24:35
Scott (G): 28:31
Greg S (rxd): 22:13
Farrah (14/G): 19:56
Sabrina (rxd): 36:55
Ileana (10/JP): 29:55
Adriana (15/R): 28:32
Kim R (14/P): 20:51
Lead (20/JP): 33:40
Bryan (rxd): 19:28
Lucie (10/B): 30:31
Doug (20/P): 30:09
Peter (20/P): 29:40
Dawn (12/B): 29:00
Alex (12/B): 19:27
Toi (rxd): 36:45
Philip (rxd): 31:57
Lindsey (10/P): 21:12
Rahel (14/G): 29:05
Maria (rxd): 31:09


7 Responses to “”

  1. I need to stop feeding that kid. he’s making me look bad – i can’t keep up with him — good job son!!!

  2. Good Job baby!!! I am so proud of you.

  3. You’re amazing Peter! No joke you always put in that max effort! Way to go buddy:)

  4. Great job Peter….thank your parents for your good genes!!!!

  5. Chris….my lower back is really hurting…i think it might of been to much weight for me…..or i pulled something.

  6. And he destroys everyone on the runs. Great job Peter…sorry I missed it.

  7. Bobby (blue,12 ) 30:00

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