WEDNESDAY – 090916

5 Rounds of:

9 Burpee Box Jumps
9 KB Swings (55/35)

Run 800 meters

then 5 more rounds of:

9 Burpee Box Jumps
9 KB Swings (55/35)

Post time to comments.

Congratulations to Ileana for progressing from the PVC to the 18 lb. training bar!!!!
Great job Rey!
Technique is getting better Monica! Just remember to shoot those hip further down and back but great job on your first WOD!
Dan and Pete (co-owners of CrossFit 305) came in today to WOD with us. Barbara is just one of those WODs you don’t like doing but in many ways must be done. They brought some great energy and we really look forward to working out weekly with them.
Pete demonstrating that when done correctly, the air squat engages that core!
Those ab mats are great!

Kim R (35/16): 26:03
Jen R (20/16): 30:26
Roe (30/16): 31:02
Chris V (35/20): 23:30
Chris M (55/20): 37:01 (sub box jump)
Brad (35/20): 20:32
Scott (35/16): 28:21
Analise (30/35): 26:39
Sabrina (24/35): 24:37
Gary (rxd): 24:10
Greg H (20/35): 22:57
Daniel (24/35): 28:04
Jared (20/9/400 m runx2): 21:59
Joe (24/35): 38:29
Maria (24/35): 26:26
Lucie (20SU/25): 34:05
Lauren (rxd): 32:36
Douglas (16/25): 30:56
Maynor (rxd): 23:07
Rudy (20/35): 25:23
Jessica S (rxd): 30:26
Vanessa (rxd): 22:55
Sue (16SU/20): 32:40
Rahel (20/15): 26:04
Dawn (20SU/20): 27:59
Philip (rxd): 27:59
Gabriel (20/35): 26:30
Patrick (20/30): 29:34
Toi (rxd): 27:40
Zach (24/70): 27:46
Peter (24/35): 22:13
Skippy (rxd): 22:45
Mike (rxd): 24:30
Jim G (20/35): 26:43
Brian G (20SU/35): 26:33
Lead (16/35): 37:44
Kim N (16SU/35): 24:21
Chino (rxd): 27:47
Jim K (rxd): 23:19
Adrian (24SU/55): 29:155
Rufus (rxd): 19:58


7 Responses to “”

  1. Mindy
    Miss you! Hope you’re feeling better and getting well.

    • Hey Greg, Thanks , I am getting better about 75% Yeah! I saw a couple of the guys this am, Tony Bryan!! and of course the sweet Adriana. Came by tosay a big Hello! Hope to see you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REAL SOON!!!!

  2. Monica that’s pretty good for your first WOD!

  3. Great job Ileana…keep it up…I never thought I would get pass the pvc pipe….but you do.

  4. Chris…how long is today’s workout…is it like an 50 minutes or so?????? cause it seems like alot. I’ll try to make it anyways…but I’m horrible at Burpees and running.

  5. great wod today!!! did it on a 30inch box with 55lb kb. time: 26:54.

  6. Sorry I missed this WOD this morning. I agree it didn’t look like fun but one that helps make you better. Damn job getting in the way of WOD #@%&*!!!

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