SUNDAY – 090906


Run 400 meters
100 Wall Ball Shots
200 Sit ups
300 Push ups
400 Squats
Run 400 meters

Run must be completed as a team. Only one teammate can be working at a time. Post time to comments.

ANNOUNCEMENT: This Labor Day (Monday, Sept. 7th), all classes will be cancelled. We will be holding an open gym from 11am to noon. There will be a WOD if you’d like to do that but we will also be there to help with any skills that you might want to work on.

Also, starting Sept. 1st, for every friend that you refer us to who signs up for a month after their ELEMENTS course will receive $50! So get your friends in for a free workout to see what we’re all about!

Nice job Brad!
Go Sabrina!
Welcome Rufus!
Great job Chanel on the ring dips!

Jim/Jonathan (20/10): 49:48
Scott/Doug (20): 45:37
Jim K/Mike (20): 35:32
Kim N/Lisa (14): 48:48
Vanessa/Rahel (14): 39:16
Bryan/Skippy (20): 33:40
Mirella/Patricia (12): 46:27
Marianne W/Sabrina (14): 30:12
Ileana/Gabriel (10/20): 53:40
Chris V/Grace (20/15): 37:44


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  1. Sabrina you like your in pain…girlfriend….How much weight was that????

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