SATURDAY – 090822


150 Wall Ball Shots (20/14)

Post time to comments.

The finished mural by Puchi

Rome (rxd): 10:10
Gary (rxd): 15:42
Mirella (6): 17:46
Patricia (10): 15:24
Lead (20/16″ Box): 17:24
Maria (rxd): 10:45
Maynor (rxd): 15:46
Vanessa (rxd): 13:00
Mike (rxd): 10:02
Marianne W (rxd): 9:11
Daniela (rxd): 19:25
Lisa G (10): 21:14
Philip (rxd): 12:52
Beatriz (12): 14:03
Lauren (12): 25:17
Peter (12): 10:12
Doug (rxd): 13:37
Daniel (20/16″ box): 19:22


9 Responses to “”

  1. The Mural is SWEET!!!!

  2. looks so awesome!

    **so excited and nervous and EXCITED for the afflcation chipper today woooo!

    • That Affliction WOD looks awesome! Brutal but awesome!

      • susan holt Says:

        Hi Cross Fit Threshold!!
        The Mural is amazing. Love it! Love the new facilities and the classes were awesome.
        Chris you have great, friendly and determined clients!!! Best wishes to all

  3. I just wanted to say thanks to Chris and all the Crossfiters at Threshold who welcomed me in a few weeks back for a great WoD. I wish I could have come back and seen the new place, but due to an emergency my trip was cut short.

    I cannot wait to come back down and see it in person. Thanks again Chris and sorry it to so long to say it.

  4. Back to School Weekend = Missed the Workout, jonesing to work out, cant think of what to do when I get owta here, fishin for suggestions – Help!

  5. Chris Holt Says:

    What will you have access to? Do 150 burpees for time. That’s always a good one to do when you have some time to kill.

  6. antonygraf Says:

    150 inverted burpees for time=)

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