WEDNESDAY – 090819

4 Rounds for time.

20 Box Jumps (24/20)
200 meter Sandbag Carry (50/25)
20 Ring Dips
200 meter Sandbag Carry (50/25)

Post time to comments.

Great triple extension and huge shrug Gabriel!

Ryan (rxd): 23:23
Farrah (25/P): 22:10
Suzie (10/G – last round no medball): 24:10
Sonia (25/P): 21:57
Mindy (25/BD): 22:31
David (50/P): 24:11
Heather (25/P): 20:44
Kim (25/G): 21:33
Chris D (rxd): 23:52
Chris H (rxd): 16:46
Lish (rxd): 19:52
Jenny (25/G): 23:55
Grace (25/R): 21:31
Jon (rxd): 22:19
Andrew (rxd): 16:21
Jess (25/G): 25:24
Marianne W (25/P): 20:15
Beatriz (25/P): 22:28
Sue (12/BD): 24:37
Lead (50/B): 29:36
Darrell (50/G): 25:44
Chris M (50/G): 26:22
Lisa K (12/BD): 28:31
David L. (I hate being late WOD- 2 RDs – Run 200 m 50 Squats 50 Burpees): 18:15
Philip (rxd): 26:15
Lauren D (25/P): 28:42
Andrew (rxd): 19:51
Zach (rxd): 25:00
Robyn (25/P/16): 24:39
Bobby (50/P/20): 25:00
Tatiana (25/P/16): 22:47
Mike (50/P/24): 23:15
Vanessa (25/P/20): 20:56
Daniel (50/G/20): 28:12
Jim (rxd): 20:28
Kim (25/G/16): 19:26
Bryan (rxd): 19:11
Patrick (25/P/20): 26:26
Ileana (25/BD/16SU): 27:07
Gabriel P (50/P/20): 26:56


6 Responses to “”

  1. 5K

  2. Chris H.,
    Please do not hide your time. In fact, I would appreciate it if you put it side by side with my 5:30 time =).

    And hey, since tomorrow morning will be my last day before I ship out to Boca, do I get to choose the WOD? I know Drew got that option when he was departing….

  3. Chris Holt Says:

    You need to chill out little man. I didn’t finish uploading all the times. You’ll get credit where credit is due. As for choosing a WOD, that all depends on whether it will be logistically possible to do it. What did you have in mind?

    • ‘little man”? yikes…a guy cant get a little excited after a good workout. im sorry… here ill tell you what, you can take your title back when i leave tomorrow afternoon!

  4. Chris Holt Says:

    btw, was your second time due to having Tony hold you to full range of motion standards?

    • no, tony seemed to be pleased with my ROM…in fact he made about 8 comments about how good it was. i promise i wasnt doing anything different either. the time increase had little or nothing to do with the mere 15 minute break in between the two WODs. it was more me just smoking my first time so bad that after my 2nd round, i decided to throw the sandbag over head and lunge it the 200m. i was still making good timing so i did my last set of ring dips with just one hand. that just about sums it up…

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