THURSDAY – 090813

4 Rounds for time.

10 Inbred Cousins (20/14)
20 Ring Dips
30 Box Jumps (20/16)

Post time to comments.

I think those so called “weak arms” are getting stronger Nicole!
Nice Natasha!
Jenny with a awesome chest to bar pull up. Might need to move to a lighter band!
Nice form Mike!
Way to go Jessica!
Yesenia fighting for each rep! Nothing less than chin above the bar.

Adriana (14/red/20): 20:28
Rome (rxd): 14:14
Tony G (rxd): 14:45
Doug (20/pur/20): 20:03
Farrah (14/P/20SU): 16:54
Grace (14/R/20): 20:24
Daniel P (20/B/16): 23:46
Ileana (8/BD/16SU): 20:27
Andrew (rxd-24in): 13:32
Chris D (rxd-24in): 24:24
Darrell (rxd – 24in): 25:25
Chris V (15/G/16): 17:07
David (20/20): 18:33
Sonia (12/G/16): 18:27
Roe (12/P/16): 20:43
Mindy (10/BD/16SU): 19:18
Ryan (rxd – 24in): 24:23
Maureen (10/BD/SU): 15:26
Jessica (14/G/20SU): 15:16
Sue (10/BD/16SU): 18:51
Albert (rxd-24in): 12:52
Analise (rxd-20in): 15:47
Sabrina (rxd-20in): 15:54
Chris (rxd-24in): 15:02
Lead (20/G/16): 22:53
Jessica (14/P/20SU): 13:44
David L (20/G/20): 14:49
Ivis (10/BD/16SU): 17:29
Graciela (10/BD/16SU): 15:00
Tony (rxd-24in):20:30
Jon (rxd-24in): 19:13
Maria (rxd-20in): 18:37
Robyn (14/P/16): 18:52
Zeus (rxd-24in): 17:36
Jim (rxd-24in): 16:31
Kim (14/G/16): 17:43
Mirella (10/BD/16SU): 16:53
Toi (20/P/24in): 20:18
Diana (12/G/16): 18:56
Maynor (rxd-24in): 24:22
Lindsey (15/P/16): 17:09
Beatriz (Row500m/20 Ring Dips/40 Squats – 4 Rds): 22:46


5 Responses to “”

  1. Bryan-

    Thanks for pushing me through my last round of pull ups yesterday!!

  2. Congrats on your new box! Carly and I are so stoked for you all!!!! You all deserve it & earned it! We can’t wait to come out and get broken off.
    carly & tim

  3. Couldn’t make the gym today because of the kids, but I did the WOD from home as adapted as possible. I used our 8 lb medicine ball for the inbred cousins, I used a tupperware bin in the backyard to do box dips (no rings here at home), and I used the same tupperware box to do box jumps but stepping up just in case it wouldn’t withstand my jump/weight.

    10 inbred cousins (8lb)
    20 box dips
    30 box step ups

    Time: 19:12

  4. 3 rounds

    50 push ups
    50 sit ups
    50 squats


    Ok, I forget; what are inbred cousins?

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