WEDNESDAY – 090812

5 Rounds for time.

Run 200 meters
30 Pull ups
30 Overhead Walking Lunge steps (45/25)

Post time to comments.

“Our workouts are competitive events. The strength and value of CrossFit lies entirely within our dominance of other athletes. This is a truth divined through competition, not debate.”
6am class
9:30am class
Now that’s full depth on a wall ball shot. Great job Peter!
Colin from Ocala pays CrossFit Threshold a visit. Check out his blog here

Greg (rxd); 30:45
Holt (rxd): 21:24
Jim (J/15): 31:54
Andrew (rxd): 27:32
Ryan (rxd): 25:17
Marianne W (G/25): 37:11
Sonia (B/25): 24:56
David (B/45): 28:19
Tati (G/25): 37:00
Rio (J/15): 32:20
Mirella (B/15): 32:07
Marcial (row 400m/35): 35:40
Farrah (G/25): 23:47
Mindy (J/15): 25:22
Ileana (B/10): 38:44
Daniel P (J/45): 32:54
Roe (G/25): 35:17
Maynor (rxd): 41:10
Sabrina (r/25): 39:58
Nicole (B/15): 32:12
Jenny (B/25): 30:01
Brian G (P/25): 29:45
Grace (R/25): 44:06
Bryan (rxd): 29:57
Peter (G/25): 29:10
Natasha (B/10): 27:55
Rahel (G/25): 36:04
Lead (J/20): 44:58
Ivis (J/10): 28:02
Graciela (J/10): 28:39
Tony (rxd): 34:51
Jon (rxd): 31:46
Toi (rxd): 37:07
Kent (J/45): 31:20
Vanessa (G/25): 29:54
Darrell (rxd): 37:49
David L (G/25): 30:30
Yesenia (B/25): 35:27
Patricia (B/15): 20:31
Jessica (B/15): 24:57
Diana (P/25): 35:17
Maria (rxd): 27:58
Mike (G/45): 31:26
Jessica (B/25): 38:07
Lish (rxd): 21:25
Jim (rxd): 34:59
Kim (G/25): 32:09
Lindsey (B/25): 32:55
Graf (rxd): 20:37
Daniela (R/25): 33:52


13 Responses to “”

  1. Hey, I know Colin, he used to work with inthe ER down in Homestead, welcome Colin.

  2. David Blumberg Says:

    The new Box looks SICK! All that hard work paid off, congrats.
    Pete, Doug, and my Mom are going to be spoiled when they get back to Miami.

  3. those pull up bars are going to hurt big time.

  4. Chris Holt Says:

    David, you need to come back soon!

  5. Chris Holt Says:

    Adrian, the WOD was downright awesome! Did it today with the 8:30am class.

  6. Way to represent the Ocala brothers Colin!

  7. Chris Holt Says:

    Yeah, Lisbeth Darsh, our affiliate blog director posted a comment on the affiliate blog about it. good stuff

  8. ill be doing this wod tomorrow. did filthy fifty and it killed me. 25:38… jealous im not im miami doing my wods in the new pad

  9. It was my day off. Looks like a vicious workout, sorry I missed it. See you all next week!

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