THURSDAY – 090723


3 Rounds for time

Run 400 meters
21 KB Swings (55/35)
12 Pull ups

Post time to comments.

Great triple extension Adrian. Notice he’s fully extended in his ankles, knees, and hips. Adrian also displays a great shrug at the top of his clean. Also note the superb timing of the photo. Who’s that great photographer?
Welcome back Tony. Easing back into it. Lookin’ good brother.

Doug (green): 15:39
Rome (rxd): 12:16
Kim (green): 12:57
Adriana (red): 12:56
Gary (rxd): 14:56
Ileana (18/JP): 15:26
Daniel (35/purple): 13:50
Greg (rxd): 10:06
Yolanda (35/green): 13:56
Dawn (20/blue): 13:25
Zeus (rxd): 10:17
Lauren (35/green): 11:59
Maureen (20/JP): 15:11
Lindsey (35/blue): 13:31
Tony (rxd): 12:37
Philip (rxd): 11:18
Andrew (rxd): 9:58
Rahel (35/green): 14:14
Jessica (row/30/green): 16:08
Ryan (rxd): 12:43
Sue (25/blue): 19:22
Sabrina (35/purple): 11:54
Daniel (35/JP): 17:20
Robyn (35/blue): 17:13
Adrian (rxd): 16:08
Hans (rxd): 10:43
Daniela (35/purple): 14:06
Jackie (row/35): 17:26
Ralph (rxd): 12:00


13 Responses to “”

  1. Tony G. Says:

    It feels great to be back! Cannot wait for the new box!

  2. Welcome Back Tony!!!

  3. Welcome back man !!!

  4. Tony, good to see you back lean and mean!


  6. Welcome Back Tony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad your better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See ya soon!!!!!!!!!

  7. Tony,
    Good to see you back!

    10:10 today….but can’t make it back tonight. Be ready and push hard in the last run. Enjoy. Good Luck.

    • Dude I got school tonight, I aint gonna make it. I’ll be in the UM Gym playin with the stair mill and a 40lb vest for a while though. I may have to do this Girl tomorrow… May have tomorrow off again, tryin to make it happen.

      • Listen you, if you DO any girl , need I tell you who that girl should BE??????????????lolololololo

  8. what a risque board today haha

  9. been a while since i posted, but don’t you worry, i been keeping up. even did the beach workout on my own up here. =)

    today’s wod – 14:29

  10. Thor,

    You by far take the cake in cyber stalker. Aren’t you back north at school bro?

  11. Ahhh there you are Denise… great to hear that you are stilling wod-ing… how did you like the beach wod?

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