MONDAY – 090706

10 Rounds for time.

10 Med Ball Cleans (20/12)
10 Box Jumps (24″)

Post time to comments.

Jacinto Bonilla – CrossFit Journal Preview

(courtesy of

Andrew (rxd): 14:26
Gary (20/24″ SU): 14:29
Susie (6/20 SU): 18:01
Grace (rxd): 17:56
Jessica (8/20 SU): 17:59
Jenny (8/20SU): 17:54
Mindy (10/16SU): 17:48
Ileana (4/16SU): 17:30
Farrah (rxd): 15:22
Greg (rxd): 17:45
Daniel (15/16): 26:31
Chris V (20/16): 16:18
Silvia (10/16): 17:13
Maureen (6/SU): 10:07
Greg (rxd): 13:07
Mariaane W (rxd): 13:52
Isis (6/16): 10:57
Kat (8/16): 10:57
Yolanda (10/16): 15:06
Kristina (8/16): 10:57
Skippy (rxd): 10:38
Gab (rxd): 10:44
Forrest (rxd): 10:10
Daniel (rxd): 12:30
Lead (20/16): 15:20
Sue (8/16SU): 14:09
Andrew (rxd): 13:07
Mirella (6/SU): 13:34
Lauren (rxd): 21:09
Philip (rxd): 16:45
Sophie (8/SU): 17:07
Brittanie (8/SU): 17:07
Jessica (10/SU): 16:19
Patricia (8/SU): 16:02
Maynor (rxd): 19:25
Hans (rxd): 18:48
Jackie (rxd): 19:20
Maria (14/20): 15:16
Tatiana (10/20SU): 16:15
Elaine (6/16SU): 16:52
Daniela (10/16): 16:15
Adrian (rxd): 19:55
Chris (rxd): 19:25


9 Responses to “”

  1. Im really busy at my internship right now checking out the crossfit website…their july 4 workout looks awesome
    July 4, 2009
    Saturday 090704

    Complete three rounds for time of:
    95 pound Squat clean, 30 reps
    30 Pull-ups
    Run 800 meters

  2. Wow that sound like a sick workout.

  3. Doesn’t look like I gonna be able to make this one. Been walkin funny all day. Legs cant take any more right now. Be back on Wednesday. Rock it out guys!!!!

  4. i did that work out today. badger was a probably one of the toughest WODs i have ever done….38:45

  5. I’m starting to bug Chris for a beach WOD on Sunday. Something new and different…hopefully Epic and Heroic in difficulty…can I get an amen?

  6. Hey guys,

    Thanks for letting me drop by and grab a WOD today. Had fun and the legs are hurting already. I’ll stop by next time I am in town.

    Thanks again,


  7. Jessica Chester Says:

    Wow, I woke up this morning and I can hardly move because I am so sore.

    Thank you!

    Hahaha- Jessica

  8. Chris Holt Says:

    Your welcome Jessica! That’s why we’re here. Glad you’re enjoying the soreness. Good things. 🙂

  9. jessica Says:

    I can hardly walk today because I am so sore.. Thank you cross-fit!

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