WEDNESDAY – 090701

Run 5k

Post time to comments.

2009 CrossFit Games Dirty South Regional Qualifier

Grace: 27:39
Chris D: 28:50
Zeus: 25:53
Andrew: 21:08
Drew: 21:34
Bryan: 29:07
Douglas: 41:15
Kat: 32:07
Isis: 38:33
Marianne W: 27:22
Sabrina: 28:14
Lucie: 42:03
Lead: 34:33
Tatiana: 31:05
Rahel: 29:40
Jim: 40:09
Adrian: 29:07
Hans: 24:56
Philip: 24:39
Daniela: 25:02
Jessica (5k Row)
Maria: 30:03
Jackie (5k Row)
Patricia: 36:43


9 Responses to “”

  1. creative!

  2. Rain or Shine!!!

  3. The 3k has come up a few times since I started, so it was bound to happen eventually. Look on the bright side…it’s just 10 laps around the big block (I’m pretty sure that’s correct, cuz I recall the 3k being 6 laps). Suck it up, butter cup. BTW, I’m gonna do it after SAQ tonight…that should be fun.

    • Think the 5k is 6 laps. The big block is 800M. 800m x 6 = 4800k so it’ll be about 6 laps, and a bit = 5k

  4. But this does bring up a question. Could we do this at a remote location, or run to somewhere and back? Maybe something other than just runnin in circles? Made something up on but cant figure out how to get it on here. Just a thought…

  5. I like the idea, however the down side is that when you know exactly how many laps you still have to run, at any point, you can adjust your pace for the best possible time, whereas with a straight run that you’re not intimately familiar with, that’s more difficult. It’s more tedious to run laps, but it may generate better times…just playing the devil’s advocate. and I think that when we run 800m, we always start from inside the gym, whereas with the 3k, we started outside on Galloway and did 6 laps, ending at the stop sign. That’s why I think it’s 10 around the big block, but not from inside the gym.

  6. Grace V Says:

    This morning I started time and stopped the clock outside the gym door. Chris D. and I should get some seconds credited back to us:0)

  7. Working today, can’t run 5K at the fire station. Doesn’t work so well if I’m 2 miles from the station and we get a call. =) Did 4 rounds of 25 pushup, situps, lunges, and squats instead. Felt good!!

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