SUNDAY – 090621


Divide up into teams of 3 or 4. Only 1 teammate can be working at one time.

100 Pull ups
150 Burpees
200 KB Swings
250 Box Jumps
300 Wall Ball Shots

Post time to comments.

The aftermath of our “10 Days of Hell”.
“10 days of Hell”.

Drew/Greg: 46:18
Adriana/Marianne W/Grace: 51:10
Sabrina/Maria/Daniela: 58:08
Chris V/Doug/Lead/Bobby: 47:22
Gillis Family: 45:22
Skippy/Bryan: 54:30


9 Responses to “”

  1. Any volunteers to take this WOD in teams of 2? I’d like an equally ambitious partner, but there are no other qualifications. Who’s in?

  2. I’m in wicha Skiper! See ya @ 10.

    …On another note, that 10 Days WOD looks sweet!! Nice work guys, very impressive. Wish I could have made it.

  3. Skip, Bryan, Drew and Greg, you guys are animals!!!
    As for my group, great motivation all around. These group work outs are awesome, it realy makes us push each other.

  4. Drew started with 30 pull ups than got stronger. Thanks for carrying me.

  5. Drew = Terminator …happy birthday again brother, if I didnt have to study all damn day, beers on me!

    Skippy, thanks for pushin/carryin me through this one bro.

  6. I think it was Lead who suggested a name for this WOD: “Fall of the Fathers” (obviously in honor of Father’s Day. I would like to second that motion…I think this one was badass and it deserves a title.

    As for Drew and Greg, you guys are awesome…I appreciate the competition and I will burn it every day until I can catch up. Bryan is the man (I’m sure he doesn’t feel like it at this moment), but occasionally you need to rely on a teammate in order to win…hence the team WOD. I’d be proud to work with you any day brother, and I’m sure that one of those days I’ll need you to pick up the slack and push me. Hoo-ahh

    • Bryan, Skip and Greg, thanks for your support. I don’t know if you guys realize how much you push me to do better. I greatly enjoy and appreciate the competition that you all bring to the table, it forces me to suck it up and give it my best every time. I look forward to many more head to heads.

  7. And instead of working out tomorrow night we are all going to hold hands and look into one another’s eyes and say really nice things to each other.
    Good luck on the test Bryan.

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