THURSDAY – 090618

100 Squats
25 Double Unders
75 Squats
50 Double Unders
50 Squats
75 Double Unders
25 Squats
100 Double Unders

If you don’t have a Double Under, complete 4 singles for every one Double Under.

Post time to comments.

A typical Tuesday night.

Rome (rxd): 21:28
Shellow (rxd): 30:47
Greg (rxd): 30:05
Andrew (rxd): 22:45
Ryan (rxd): 22:33
Farrah (S): 23:38
Leo (S): 19:10
Sam (rxd/S): 41:22
Chris M (S): 24:13
Heather (S): 19:09
Dawn (S): 26:28
Douglas (S): 27:58
Lina (S/16″ step up): 20:40
Karina (S): 27:48
Daniel (rxd): 20:03
Brooke (S): 21:38
Diana (S): 26:38
Drew (rxd): 14:28
Zeus (rxd): 20:08
Elijah (S): 17:57
Sue (S): 36:08
Robyn (S): 25:24
Daniel (S): 41:13
Ileana (S): 40:36
Jim (S): 34:42
Elaine (S): 30:09
Gab (rxd): 15:08
Mirela (S): 25:51
Maynor (rxd): 34:19
Tatiana (S): 27:05
Hans (rxd): 19:09
Lead (S): 27:09
Daniela (S): 26:29
Maria (rxd): 14:57
Adrian (rxd): 23:59
Sabrina (S): 21:48


17 Responses to “”

  1. Adrian really dug up his inner centerfold for that group shot…

  2. Hey guys,
    While ripped hands seem to be a mark of toughness in the CF community, I see it as a mistake. Torn hands mean down time from training many movements. Tape up, or use grip pads. That said, heal those hands before next Saturday. You’ll need them. WODs for the competition will be posted Friday night.

    See you soon,

    • Chris Holt Says:

      The funny thing is that they all taped up. Ripped hands happen. It’s part of CrossFit whether you like it or not. Just have to build up your hands. Our clients can handle it.

  3. last set up double unders killed me..!

  4. wasn’t able to do the WOD today because I don’t have a jump rope up here yet. Did “jeremey” as rxd with time of 7:07. Did get the medicine ball I ordered though.

  5. Ralph D Says:

    Yeah, so I don’t want to look @ a jump rope for at least a week! 1000 singles??

    Ralph D. (S) 28:28
    Chris D. (S) 30:21
    … and we did it outside because we are retarded..

  6. Chris Holt Says:

    You got the med ball Thor? Nice! It’s going to be so useful! Med ball runs, cleans, burpees, wall ball shots, etc. Awesomeness!

  7. Lisa G. Says:

    Update on Tony… (I know I spoke to you Chris)….he has colitis and a bacterial infection which we hope will go away with some antibiotics. Not contagious (don’t freak) he just came into contact with something that is infecting and inflammating his colon. He will stay at So. Miami Hospital overnight again and we will try some aggressive meds to help him recoop. Fever is still persistent at 102-103 which is what we are monitoring closely.

  8. Tony, feel better, listen to your doctor,keep us informed, can we do anything to help you both???

  9. Tony,
    Enough kind words and heart felt sentiments. Get better, come back and get your butt kicked. Miss you get well.

  10. Sorry to Read about Tony. Heart felt sentiments sent your way!

    On another note, ‘NEW” Drew is an animal, Very impressive performances each and every time. Sets a very high bar! I like!!

  11. Chris Holt Says:

    visited tony today and he seems to be feeling much better. The doctors have yet to figure out the real cause. As for Drew, CrossFit Fort Bragg is producing some real fire breathers which is where Drew hails from. He’s been a fantastic addition to our family. Now we just have to whip old drew back into shape

  12. Daan Martin Says:

    So right after I posted about taping up, I did “Erin”…last three rounds of which I stopped using grip pads. Guess what? First tear ever. Dumb ass me. Can someone get this foot out of my mouth for me? Anyway, heal those hands.

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