TUESDAY – 090616


Pull ups
Sit ups

Post time to comments.

Drew with a 15 lb. vest. Great job on “Jeremy” brother!

Ryan (anchored situps): 26:10
Roe (Blue/weighted toe touches): 15:05
Mindy (JP/weighted situps): 14:21
Brooke (Blue/weighted situps): 13:55
Analise (Green/weighted situps): 14:31
Darrell (rxd): 23:05
Andrew (rxd): 20:29
Dawn (JP): 13:30
Chris D (rxd): 36:22
Chris V (Blue): 22:44
Skippy (rxd): 18:01
Grace (Purple): 25:23
Ralph (rxd): 26:41
Daniel (rxd): 21:36
Drew (rxd w/ 15lb vest): 15:07
Bryan (rxd): 19:24
Zeus (rxd): 20:07
Maria (rxd): 20:07
Doug (blue): 19:10
Lina (purp/bl): 18:51
Marianne W (green): 16:26
Daniel (JP): 16:14
Sue (JP): 17:26
Elijah (squats/pushups): 9:32
Doug (KBS/Pushups): 11:57
Farrah (KBS/situps): 10:36
Ileana (JP): 23:57
Brian R (blue): 23:30
Tatiana (gr): 29:24
Robyn (bl): 24:10
Maynor (rxd): 25:52
Adrian (rxd): 25:31
Jackie (rxd): 25:26
David B (rxd): 17:39
Peter B (purp/JP): 19:47
Lead (gr): 22:06
Debra (JP): 18:39
Daniela (purp/blue): 19:51
Thor: 17:58


14 Responses to “”

  1. im not even going to lie, ive been refreshing the page since 11:55 waiting for the next wod to come up. see you guys in about 9 hours.

  2. yesss i love pull ups

  3. Chris Holt Says:

    haha. I love you guys. True CrossFitters!

  4. Tony G. Says:


    You looked like a man possessed.

  5. Today, I am pleased to announce that I set a PR for the fastest shower I’ve ever taken in my LIFE!!!

    Those chin-up blisters burned so bad that I was in and out in literally like 5 minutes…and I’m a man who likes to rinse and repeat…nuh-uh, that wasn’t happening today. Just one is enough.

    • Sounds almost as bad as me taking Chris’s advice and pouring salt on my open hand blisters. I don’t care how fast my cuts heal, that pain was NOT worth it.

  6. Check out this article about Crossfit from the Seattle Times last week…

    Humorous and so true!!!


  7. hey guys, i came in today with time of 17:58.

  8. Chris Holt Says:

    Awesome Thor. I’ll post it with the rest of the results.

  9. Merely a suggestion,

    Call me a wussy. But is there any way we can have a week where the exercises are designed as such so as to decrease the probability of hand rippage? I need a chance to heal here brother. It’s virtually impossible to write briefs by hand and by key board when my hands are aching by the second.

  10. I second Adrian’s suggestion. My toilet and shower backed up (#@%$&*)and I had to rent a Snake to unclog…forgot to get a pair of work gloves…Man, I was cursing and screaming soo much you would have thought I was on the Jerry Springer Show.

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