FRIDAY – 090605

“Running Fran”

Run 250 meters
15 Thrusters (95/65)
15 Pull ups
Run 250 meters
12 Thrusters (95/65)
12 Pull ups
Run 250 meters
9 Thrusters (95/65)
9 Pull ups

If you have a chest to bar pull up, you’re doing chest to bar! Post time to comments.

090603 WOD



25 Responses to “”

  1. Chris V Says:

    Ooooh, this one is going to be fun!!!

  2. I’m not gonna lie. I feel like a dork sometimes waiting for these workouts to be posted. I swear I check every night before I sleep in anticipation for the next day’s aches and pains. I love it!!

  3. Lisa G. Says:

    Uh, should I be proud that my husband was punned a computer stalker? Do either of you boys work during the day…..really? haha

  4. There is nothing wrong with stacking the website.

  5. Chris V Says:

    Don’t feel bad, Grace and I check it out every night, as you can see as to what time I posted the first comment, its just so we can be prepared, you know so we make sure we have our jump ropes or I-pods for those long runs….

  6. See its like a support group. Everyone is starting to come out now

    “Hi, my name is Bryan and I’m an addict”

    Everyone together “HI BRYAN …Now 3 – 2 – 1 GO!!”

  7. Crossfit is an addiction and I am an addict. Workouts like today’s keep kicking my butt, but I keep going back. I will never like Fran, running or not, but I am a sucker for punishment and she knows it.

  8. Lisa G. Says:

    I have to admit Bryan you have me laughing my ass off right now. That was funny…….im not one to talk though, I think im slowly drinking the kool-aid like the rest of you boys.

  9. NICE BARS!!!!! Make sure you got plenty of chalk for Phil. Cant wait to hit em up!!

  10. Chris Holt Says:

    And you all have to thank Chris V for the “running” part of Fran… b/c if he didn’t stalk last night I would not have known that Chris H changed the workout from Fran to Running Fran…. unfortunately I still don’t have interent at my new place…tisk tisk! Thanks CHRIS!! =)

  11. Hey guys there a new bar in town… Y’all wanna get messed up tonight!

  12. Chris V Says:

    Nice bars!!!

  13. Elisha,
    Please TELL ME those new Bars were put up after I left the gym this am. I know I am not feeling that great just yet, BUT I could not have missed them ??????????????????????

    p.s. bar look great, when I’m better I’ll have a Champagne Cocktail!!

  14. Easy to sit at work and make comments while the rest of us are working out. Bryan, thrusters-unbroken, pullups-chest to bar (plenty broken) and run, stagering. 10:35 (I think). Before new bars were installed. And I’m hosting my daughter’s big end of the year sleep over so won’t make it back tonight. Hope to make 8:30 tomorrow. Enjoy tonight!

    Elisha, thanks for the great workout this AM.

    • Yes sir, you are correct, but trust me, I would much rather be workin out than sittin on my a$$ behind this stoopid desk. I’ll give what I got, my last Fran episode was disastrous. Enjoy yer evenin, see you tomorrow mornig

  15. tried the New FAT Bars tonight-they were nice.–Good Job Tony.
    Nice work out-Adrian: I do the same thing at 6:30 AM at work. Bryan we are all ADDICTS. See you all Monday night-have Reserves this weekend.

  16. Chris Holt Says:

    Hey hey, a little credit to the architect who drew up the schematics for the new pull up bars and it took a little convincing to get Tony to compromise on half fat bars. I wanted them all to be fat bars!

  17. It’s true .. It was a team effort.. Thanks Philip!
    Can’t wait to get back and use em’.

  18. Maria Gonzalez Says:

    I don’t know about the fat bars I have small hands! eeek! Can’t wait to give it a try!

  19. Small hands… Big heart!

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