WEDNESDAY – 090603

4 Rounds for time.

15 Burpee Med Ball Slams
30 Atomic Sit ups (V-Ups)
60 Lateral Hurdle Jumps (have to reach both sides of hurdle to equal 1 rep)

Post time to comments.

Recent Naval Academy Graduate, Thor. Stellar performance brother.
Lead reaching the lowest he’s ever reached on a thruster!

Thor (20/HH): 25:54
Marianne W (14/HH): 28:54
Rio (10/Dot): 34:21
Claudio (20/HH): 21:54
Chris M (20/LH): 31:12
Maynor (20/HH): 37:59
Silvia (8/DOT): 27:00
Philip (20/HH): 34:02
Lauren (14/HH): 27:00
Lucie (12/DOT): 35:58
Bryan (20/HH): 30:22
Doug (20/HH): 35:25
Toi (20/HH): 34:51
Vivian (10lb/HH): 24:50
Drew (20/HH): 19:08
Rahel (12/LH): 25:14
Greg (20/HH): 27:27
Adrian (20/LH): 23:55
Andrew (20/HH): 21:46
Robyn (12/LH): 28:12
Ang (15/HH): 24:02
Hans (20/HH): 28:01
Gabriel (20/HH): 21:05
Mirella (6/DOT): 31:36
Maria (12/HH): 25:07
Grace (12/HH): 34:05
Jackie (14/HH): 24:19
Tatiana (10/LH): 34:47
Debra (4/DOT): 32:32
Sabrina (8/LH): 29:50
Daniela (6/LH): 30:00
Albert (20/HH): 15:30


8 Responses to “”

  1. Looks like a fun workout! I’m excited to try it!!!

  2. 5:30 I’m in!!
    I’m glad the Atomic sit ups were clarified as (V-Ups). I did a search for “Atomic Sit ups” and was getting a bit concerned with the results I was finding. I wont post it here but for anyone curious, google it, let me know what you come up with.

  3. Chris Holt Says:


  4. Here you go “The Atomic Situp”!

    I’ll skip this workout!

    By the way, we really have a “Thor” now?!? In my world, he’s a subordinate, a good one though with a cool tool belt.

    Sorry we missed the One Year Anniversary Event!! House still under the weather but improving. Maybe Thursday?!?!

  5. Would you guys be surprised if I said that Tony tried to do that to me once at TKD? Fortunately he wasn’t bare-assed like that guy was, and I didn’t do it enthusiastically, so it didn’t end up working…but still.

  6. Skip, with age comes wisdom and some things are better left unmentioned. This one of them. Bad visual belongs in Dark, dark closet…only thing that could make it worse is if it was Lead, squatting like in the photo above. Oh man, I would die!!

  7. Chris Holt Says:

    Oh Zeus, that visual could have been spared. I’ll never look at a thruster the same way again.

  8. Lisa G. Says:

    Do you see what you started Bryan? I see how productive you are at work during the day. haha. Can I just say that my shoulders are bruised from the thrusters yesterday, anyone else have that problem? Chris… I emailed you some cool photos I worked on today. BTW, Tony will bring the CD with images tomorrow to the 6am class. I’ll be at the 6:45 pm tom.

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