SUNDAY – 090531

3 Rounds for time

20 KB Swings (35/55)
25 Thrusters (45 lb. bar)
30 Pull ups

Post time to comments.

Check out the CrossFit Affiliate site here. Aiden’s video made it on the site!

The 1 Year Anniversary was a great success! CrossFit Threshold would like to thank the whole crew from CrossFit 305 and Eddie and JC from I AM CrossFit for all your support! We really appreciate it! Keep checking our website. The video highlights will be posted soon!

Zach’s 105 lb. Turkish Get up

CrossFit Threshold’s 1 Year Bash RESULTS

“Mini Deck of Doom” TEAM WOD
Team Jake: 4:34
Team Rick: 8:17
Team Gab: 4:54
Team Melissa: 8:36
Team Coco: 5:45

Drew (rxd): 14:17
Richard X (rxd): 16:13
Tony (rxd): 23:45
Bryan (rxd): 14:03
Jonas (rxd): 12:35
Joe (rxd): 11:27
Alex (rxd): 14:38
Kevin (rxd): 23:31
Wess (Singles): 21:36
Luke (rxd): 11:05
Paul (rxd): 18:01
Dominic (rxd): 18:57
Greg (rxd): 14:53
Peter (rxd): 9:21
Hans (rxd): 23:20
Dan (rxd): 9:19
Eddie (75): 10:10
Daniel (75): 18:35
Maynor (75): 15:15
Alcardo (45): 22:47
Maria (rxd): 14:27
Ang (rxd/15lbMB): 11:42
Adriana (45): 17:59
Jackie (rxd): 15:57
Marianne W. (rxd): 12:42
Grace (55): 16:02
Tatiana (Singles/Stepups/35/14lbMB): 16:02
Jamie (Singles/Stepups/KneePUs/37.5): 16:20
Lindsey (Singles/16″/KneePUs/37.5): 22:32
Erin (37.5): 15:19
Lauren (37.5/14lbMB): 13:13
Alexis (37.5/14lbMB): 13:13
Ansofi (Wood bar/8lbMB/16″): 13:23
Ned (45/Singles): 14:29
Philip (45/Singles): 14:45
Albert (65/Singles): 12:00
Shardy (65/Singles): 14:52

If you see any errors, please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can make the correction.


7 Responses to “”

  1. Richard Xiques (Crossfit305) Says:

    Thanks for having us over at your gym. The WOD was solid and the event was a success! Looking forward to coordinating many more with you.

    All the best,


  2. Tony G. Says:

    Chris, Tony, Lish…yesterday was a lot of fun and a success. The WOD was tough (I am feeling it today)…the people and support was awesome. There was great energy in the box!

    Thanks for putting the event together and congrats on a great first year!

  3. Tony you left too soon brother, we both got an award!!
    “Kool-Aid Drinking CF Internet Stalker Award!!”

  4. Thanks for having us. The coaching was great and everyone was really welcoming. Hope to see you guys back again on June 27th for some CrossFit 305 action.

  5. Thanks Threshold for a rad event. Sweat, watermelon and beer. That’s all I need.

  6. adriana Says:

    everything looks awesome!!!
    nice poster,cool pictures and nice turkish get up zach!

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