THURSDAY – 090528

3 Rounds for time.

Run 800 meters
20 Deadlifts (135/95)

Post time to comments.

2009 CrossFit Games Rocky Mountain Regionals

(courtesy of

CrossFit Threshold’s dear friend, Will Jones just finished his climb up Denali (Mt. McKinley, Alaska), North America’s most classic climb.
At high camp, 17,000 ft.

Gary (row): 18:22
Tony (rxd): 17:43
Ang (rxd): 18:02
Grace (rxd): 22:58
Lead (rxd): 31:29
Sabrina (67.5): 24:14
Chris V (rxd): 21:39
Rome (rxd): 19:41
Shellow (rxd): 20:26
Brooke (67.5): 19:09
Heather (rxd): 22:47
Chris M (rxd): 24:10
Ralph (rxd): 19:16
Sam (rxd): 18:37
Roe (67.5): 21:33
Lisa K (Step ups/35KB): 19:45
Greg (row1000m): 18:15
Lina (row1000m): 22:44
Vivian (6 Rds-100ft. walking lunges, 25 GHD Situps 25 Back Ext.): 20:33
Doug (rxd): 25:19
Philip (rxd): 19:22
Lauren (75): 22:01
Nicole (35): 27:50
Yolanda (55): 20:35
Bryan (rxd): 18:54
Maria (rxd): 22:04
Mirella (run/25/row): 24:26
Andrew (rxd): 17:42
Jim (70): 28:14
Silvia (row/35): 18:30
Brian (55): 25:47
Lisa G (row/55): 22:06
Elaine (run/35/row): 29:09
Drew (rxd): 15:38
Jay (70): 23:32
Daniel (rxd): 17:28
Maynor (rxd): 16:03
Robyn (rxd): 23:26
Debra (row/18): 20:10
Daniela (35): 21:09
Tatiana (75): 24:06


5 Responses to “”

  1. Hey!!!! I miss you guys!! I have not been working out in a while, so when I get back from Seattle, I need to get back in shape lol. I guess I could say I brought the sunshine from Florida To WA because I hear its been raining like crazy over there. Here the weather is amazing… I ll bring the sun back next week… =) see ya!!!
    Oh sorry I am gonna miss the party!! have fun!!!! (I ll be there for the second anniversary for sure)

  2. Diana… we miss you!! Get your butt back here soon and bring back the sunshine!!!

  3. Hey Guys, the whole Shama house is fighting fever and a bad cough. Sorry, we’re missing you guys and the workouts. Hopefully pass soon.

  4. Feel better Shama’s…

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