MONDAY – 090511


Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

5 Pull ups
10 Push ups
15 Squats

Post total rounds to comments.

NEWS: Congratulations to Zach and Elisha for completing their CrossFit Level I Certification!

Rome: 19 Rounds
Tony: 16 Rounds + 5,7
Lead (blue): 12 Rounds + 5,6
Gary (blue): 15 Rounds + 5,10,6
Greg: 17 Rounds
Lucie: 14 Rounds + 5
Beth (JP/Mod Push ups): 17 Rounds
Mindy (JP): 13 Rounds
Darrell: 13 Rounds
Chris V (Blue band): 10 Rounds + 5,1
Noah: 14 Rounds + 1
Lina (Green band): 14 Rounds + 5
Melissa (rings): 13 Rounds + 5,10
Leo (JP/SplitSquatJumps): 20 Rounds + 5,10,14
Adriana (Green band): 15 Rounds
Bryan: 21 Rounds + 1
Adrian: 14 Rounds
Vivian (weight situps): 18 Rounds + 2
Gaby: 10 Rounds + 1
Grace (Blue Band): 16 Rounds + 5,10,10
Maria: 15 Rounds + 4
Maureen (JP): 14 Rounds
Sue (JP): 15 Rounds
Lauren (blue band): 17 Rounds + 1
Lisa K (rings): 13 Rounds + 5
Christina (JP): 13 Rounds
Lindsey (Green Band): 17 Rounds
Dawn (JP): 15 Rounds
Marianne G (JP): 15 Rounds
Ryan (JP): 10 Rounds
Jackie: 11 Rounds
Robyn (Rings): 13 Rounds + 5,10,8
Maynor: 17 Rounds + 5
Hans: 16 Rounds + 5
Philip: 19 Rounds + 5,10
Skippy: 17 Rounds + 5,10,12


5 Responses to “”

  1. Noah - Windy City CrossFit Says:

    Thanks Chris and Elisha for welcoming me and treating me like a regular member of CrossFit Threshold. You guys are very lucky to have coaches like them as I have been to a couple other boxes and never have encountered people like them. Of course I am biased and think WCCF is the best but it’s nice to know that other boxes embrace the pillars of CrossFit as much as we do up north. I look forward to coming back tomorrow morning. Thanks to Greg and Darryl for setting the bar and pushing me to get back up on that bar. Great job! Oh and Mindy, maybe if I lost the shirt I might’ve gotten a couple more rds so there is a chance I lose it tomorrow. HaHa. Thanks again guys, what an awesome group at CrossFit Threahold!

  2. Dear Noah,
    Shirt or no shirt you are welcome anytime!!!! You are part of our CrossfitThreshold family now, so mister think about moving back to Mia!!!!!!!!! P.S. The second day you drop your pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET READY :>) P.S.S. We are so lucky to have Chris and Elisha they are what makes Crossfitthreshold the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    see ya tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Tony G. Says:

    To Zach and Lish…Congrats on completing the cert!

    To Noah…I actually completed a team WOD about a month ago while on vacation in Chicago…your coaches and other crossfitters wecolmed me and made me feel at home. It is a testament to what Crossfit is all about.

  4. Roe Lowell Says:

    Chris and Elisha I am so proud of you! What an honor to be part of such an awesome team. Keep up the good work.



  5. Roe Lowell Says:

    Chris and Elisha I am so proud of you! What an honor to be part of such an awesome team. Keep up the good work.



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